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SuperReturn US West Start-up Showcase

SuperReturn U.S. West 2017 is pleased to announce an impressive line-up of West coast based start-ups selected to demonstrate their innovative solutions and ideas at the Start-up Showcase, part of Venture Capital Summit, taking place on 06 February 2017.

Out of 50+ submissions we have received, only 11 most promising start-ups were chosen to showcase their innovations to the Conference attendees, potential business partners and investors.

The winner of the Start-up Showcase and the runner up will be announced during the Networking Drinks Reception at the end of the Venture Capital Summit. Join us in the afternoon on 06 February to explore some of the most creative and innovative solutions some of region’s best entrepreneurial minds have produced.

Here are the selected start-up businesses due to present and pitch their ground-breaking ideas at SuperReturn U.S. West 2017 Start-up Showcase.

Intelligent Implants

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? We are developing implantable bioelectronics that can electrically stimulate bone growth helping patient’s recovery quicker after surgery and avoid complications

Methods: How does it work?  Electrically stimulates bone growth

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service?  We are incorporating our special wireless electronics into standard orthopaedic implants and helping patients avoid complications. A number of large strategic health care companies are interested in our work and we are negotiating collaborative agreements with them

Summary/Conclusion: We are using revolutionary wireless bioelectronics to naturally stimulate bone growth.

Sector(s): Healthcare, Medtech

Stage of development:  We are pre-revenue and in the process of starting large animal trials


Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Bloomlife combines a clinically validated pregnancy specific wearable with data analytics to reassure expecting moms, guide healthy choices, as well as providing doctors with a better means of tracking and managing the health of their moms remotely

Methods: How does it work? The Bloomlife pregnancy sensor monitors important health parameters of mom and baby from conception to birth (baby:  fetal movement, fetal heart rate; mom: contraction, activity, stress, sleep, cardiorespiratory fitness).  Part of this information is shared with the mom to answer key questions and concerns that she may have and to provide personalized feedback to healthy choices in pregnancy.   More diagnostic data flows to the doctor.  Our cloud based analytics allows us to build personalized models of an individual pregnancy in order to detect deviations from a healthy baseline that may be indicative of a complication that requires action

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service?  Bloomlife has been in development for 2+ years and been validated in 4 clinical studies.  We have further beta tested with 500+ moms throughout the US with positive results.  Churn is under 8% and the average active user opens the app 10+ times/day. We are commercially launching Q1 2017

Summary/Conclusion: In the US alone we spend more than $100B per year on pregnancy and childbirth.  Despite this massive spend the US ranks 61st globally in maternal health, performing worse than any developed county in the world.   Bloomlife is developing solutions to improve the health of moms and babies with technology that both is reassuring and empowering to moms while delivering value to healthcare providers

Sector(s): Healthcare/ Medtech/ Digital Health

Stage of development:  Pre-launch – but 500+ moms in beta program.


Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? We enable permanent archiving of information (1000+ years) at extreme density (1,000,000X over SSD) and nearly free copying of the stored information by storing it in DNA

Methods: How does it work? We have developed a technology platform that enables the encoding of information in DNA without the need for synthesis of new DNA molecules

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service? Replace magnetic tape as the major information archiving medium

Summary/Conclusion: We have the technology that makes information storage in DNA an economically attractive solution. This platform will disrupt the information storage industry at large

Sector(s): Information technology / Biotech

Stage of development: Pre-revenue

Forensic Logic

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve?  The LEAP Network is a search engine and information network developed in partnership between the technology community and law enforcement to share, search and analyze information across agencies, geographies and IT systems. LEAP provides an array of intuitive and powerful search and analysis features to an agency’s existing IT infrastructure while steadily linking agencies together in LEAP’s secure cloud. LEAP succeeds when the network of users grows, meaning that our incentive is to continue to provide every agency access to the most data and the best tools at the lowest possible cost.

Methods: How does it work? 

-        Full Integration: Our vast collection of system integration modules means we can quickly, securely and remotely integrate all your agency’s information into one common, searchable platform. Minimal burdens on your IT staff, constant refresh, and zero cost to the local agency

-        Secure Storage: The LEAP Network’s secure cloud is fully CJIS-compliant in every state in which it is deployed. Military-grade, FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, two-factor-authentication and triple-redundant IT backbone all ensure that your data stays both accessible and secure

-        Unparalleled Access: Our search and analysis capabilities give you full access to information across your agency, your state and the country. We provide you all the information you need from any web-enabled device and add functionality to your agency’s current IT systems

Summary/Conclusion: We have spent a decade in partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and leading technology providers to create a powerful and scalable platform to share, store, search and analyze information within your own agency and beyond

Sector(s): Public safety/ National security/ Finance/ Retail/ Insurance – any sector impacted by criminal activity

Stage of development:  Estimated revenue: ~$1M IR.

NeuroQore, Inc.

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for treatment of drug resistant depression is aimed at the treatment of drug-resistant depression

Methods: How does it work? Using electromagnetic fields, currents are passed through the brain to induce long term potentiation within dorso lateral pre frontal cortex

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service?  Treatment of drug-resistant depression

Summary/Conclusion: NeuroQore clinical data shows rTMS is an effective treatment for drug-resistant depression

Sector(s): Mental Healthcare/ Psychiatry

Stage of development:  Generated revenue of $950,000

Orphidia, Inc.

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Orphidia's portable device can provide results for common lab tests within 20 minutes. The technology enables fast and easy testing to happen anywhere

Methods: How does it work?  Orphidia’s unique application of microfluidics enables automation and miniaturization of traditional blood testing processes.  Microfluidic chips, which are the size of a palm, enable us to test blood through automation. Micro pumps keep blood flowing, while microvalves direct the flow of blood throughout the chip.  All tests are run as per traditional lab standards and have a full set of on-chip standards to ensure accuracy

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service?  Our portable system can simultaneously run all the common lab tests for liver, kidney, cardiac, thyroid, and hormone levels with results provided within 20 minutes.  These tests consist of the most common panel of tests that physicians would run at the first patient visit, so patients and physicians do not need to wait for lab follow-ups.  By removing traditional barriers for access to lab testing, we are making lab testing more convenient and rapid for a fraction of the cost today

Summary/Conclusion: Orphidia’s ground-breaking technology enables faster, easier testing to find and treat disease earlier and at significantly lower cost. Orphidia's technology will change healthcare, expanding access to testing globally and enabling the practice of medicine to become truly information based

Sector(s): Healthcare Technology

Stage of development: Pre-revenue

Arthur Health/ Pillsy

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Our platform improves medication adherence, which currently averages 50% in the U.S. We achieve the triple aim for healthcare, which is improved patient experience, improved health outcomes, and reduce costs for payers

Methods: How does it work?  We have connected pharmaceutical packaging that stores a user’s schedule and beeps and blinks to remind when doses are missed. It connects to a mobile app and stores data in the cloud. We also have software for specialty pharmacies and care managers so they can better manage medication adherence remotely

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service?  We improve medication adherence, something that currently costs healthcare system in the U.S. $300B/year. We also retain customers for pharmaceutical companies, helping them to prevent $350B in revenue leakage

Summary/Conclusion: We are the first company to apply the most modern IoT technology and behavioural science to the problem of improved medication adherence

Sector(s): Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals

Stage of development:  We’ve sold some prototypes but are pre-revenue. We’re starting production and launching in March/April 2017


Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Track and manage personal hydration

Methods: How does it work? Magnetic resonance technology non-invasively detects the water molecules inside the body

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service? Monitoring of congestive heart failure patient’s hydration at home to prevent readmission to the hospital

Summary/Conclusion: We have reduced MRI technology in size and cost to a point where personal medical devices become feasible for monitoring patient hydration at home

Sector(s): Digital healthcare

Stage of development:  Pre-revenue


Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Mistbox makes legacy air conditioning systems run an average of 30% more efficient

Methods: How does it work?  Mistbox is a connected device that uses a sensor array and learning algorithm to detect when an air conditioner is running without any hardwiring into the system. When the conditions are right Mistbox uses an atomized mist of water to pre-cool the intake air on the air conditioning’s condensing unit. Mistbox can be installed in less than 10 minutes by anyone and is cloud enabled so users can track their savings through an app

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service? Any residential or commercial air condition user can save significant amount of money by adding Mistbox on their existing units 

Summary/Conclusion: Mistbox’s goal is to drastically increase the efficiency of all legacy air conditioners. In certain climates the environmental effects can be drastic. For example, in places like Dubai if Mistbox were installed on every AC it would be the equivalent of taking more than every car of the road. Mistbox is currently selling the device as standalone product in retailers such as Lowes, but is rolling out a subscription model this summer so customers can be cash flow positive from day one of purchase

Sector(s): Energy Efficiency/ Cleantech/ Home Automation

Stage of development:  Revenue over $1.5m

Sentio Solutions

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Emotional intelligence is a key to leading a happier and more fulfilling life. However, in today’s intense and stressful society, we often lose track of our emotions and we spend long periods of time experiencing negative feelings without even realizing it. Those negative feelings and stress affect physiological and psychological health. According to World Health Organization, 25% of the population is suffering from depression and anxiety, while at the same time stress, anger and sadness are key factors leading to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Recognizing your stress triggers and what affects your mood is the first step in conquering stress and improving your well-being. At the same time, understanding and reinforcing the positive emotional habits that make you feel good can increase your happiness. With the development of the Feel Wristband, Sentio Solutions, is helping people increase their emotional awareness to lead happier lives

Methods: How does it work?  Feel consists of 3 parts: proprietary algorithms, the wristband and the mobile application. The wristband contains four integrated sensors that track user’s bio-signals throughout the day, while proprietary algorithms use these signals to recognize the wearer’s emotions. Meanwhile, the Feel app offers users personalized suggestions and guidance, allowing them to track their progress towards their short and long-term emotional well-being goals.

Based on scientific research and published studies from academia, the Sentio Team has developed an innovative wearable wristband with integrated Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) and Skin Temperature (ST) sensors, which collect the respective physiological data from users. GSR is a sensor that measures the amount of electrodermal resistance as it changes accordingly to the experienced emotional stimuli. The BVP optical sensor measures heart rate and heart rate variability. Finally, according to recent studies, Skin Temperature (ST) is highly correlated with the emotional state of the person that is the reason we are using an infrared thermopile contactless temperature sensor.

The Feel wristband transmits those data through Bluetooth to the smartphone of the user and through Feel’s algorithms. Our algorithms can classify 5 emotions (content, joy, tense, sad and distress), using a number of machine learning algorithms (such as Support Vector Machine, Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System and Linear Discriminant Analysis) and signal processing techniques that aggregate, analyse and classify the bio-signals into the appropriate emotional states.

In the front- end, a mobile application (in both iOS and Android) will be the interface between users and their inner self. Through this app, users not only will be able to visualize their emotional data but also get personalized intervention strategies based on advanced psychological techniques. The application will design a personalized emotional wellness plan and provide real time alerts and actionable recommendations that will help users achieve their wellbeing goals

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service?  Recognizing your stress triggers and what affects your mood is the first step in conquering stress and improving your well-being. The second and most important step is the development of positive emotional habits. Feel enables you to spot negative emotional patterns that you would like to improve, as well as, positive emotional patterns you would like to strengthen. More specifically, the Feel wristband tracks user’s emotions and offers real-time coaching, helping user’s to live a happier lives. At the same time, the mobile application provides actionable recommendations based on advanced psychological techniques, to help all of us develop positive emotional habits and achieve wellbeing. These unique emotional consumer data can be used in a variety of industries such as Internet Services, Healthcare, Entertainment, and of course CPG, and Retail

Summary/Conclusion: Our company, Sentio Solutions, develops technology solutions that Feel. Our focus is on developing solutions of algorithms and hardware that recognize human emotions, continuously and unobtrusively, and use data science to design personalized intervention strategies based on advanced psychological techniques

Sector(s): Health and Wellness

Stage of development:  No revenue to date

Aromyx Corporation

Objectives: What purpose is it aimed to achieve? Digitize and index all tastes and scents into the Aromyx database

Methods: How does it work? We invented the first sensor to measure scent and taste.  Our customers – big companies in food and beverage, agriculture, consumer packaged goods, chemicals industries – use the sensors in many applications, and share data back with us

Results: What are practical, real-life applications of your product/service? 

Automate Product Creation and Reformulation

-        no automation technology exists

-        still done by trial and error

-        automate formulation to – make healthier; – cut costs; – replace lost key ingredients

New Revenue Growth

-         design new products or expand markets

-         targeted towards product development for specific cultures and demographics

Brand Consistency & Variance Control

-         quality assure their products to a reference taste and/or smell

-         point testing throughout manufacturing process, supply chain

R&D Standardization – Creating an Archive of Tastes and Smells

Legal Protection – Copyright Protection for Products

Summary/Conclusion: What if you could edit a taste or a smell?  Aromyx is moving taste and scent into the digital world. Aromyx has built a platform for the digital capture of scent and taste – including the EssenceChip™ taste/scent sensor – that puts the human olfactory and taste receptors onto a disposable biochip, with a digital readout. The Aromyx platform will be invaluable to large corporations in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, chemicals and agriculture industries, as it will enable digital manipulation of taste and scent, akin to how we work with images and sounds today

Sector(s): The Aromyx Platform is initially applied to verticals including food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, agriculture, chemicals and materials, and automotive. Later verticals will include defense, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics and others. As big companies use the platform to solve painful problems in product creation and reformulation, quality assurance and other areas they share the digitized taste and scent data back with Aromyx.  Aromyx is rapidly becoming the largest repository of taste and scent data

Stage of development:  We are pre-revenue. We are just getting the EssenceChips and related software and analytics into the hands of the first big customers

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