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What’s hot in Asia? Three trends to look out for in 2018

With SuperReturn Asia 2018 fast approaching, we take you through some of the key discussions that will be taking place at the event.

Who is the real asset owner?

Long gone are the days where LPs acted as nothing more than passive investors in a fund. The increased momentum in co-investment and direct investment activity by certain LPs suggest there is a need to rethink the LP/GP model and the language we use to identify that relationship. The more sophisticated an LP is, the more likely they are to look for a more integrated relationship with their GP. A more cohesive relationship leads to greater transparency and, therefore, a greater alignment of interest and better long-term development for both sides.

However, this is easier said than done. A GP needs to be flexible to be able to factor in the needs of different LPs that have different requirements but all want an active role. It takes both time and man-power, making it much more challenging for a smaller firm. The model is certainly undergoing a change at the larger end of the market but, as with most things, it will take time to filter down.

All these concerns will be addressed in an interactive session led by speakers from QIC and AlpInvest Partners. Don’t miss the chance to have your say in this boardroom discussion.

Beyond Asia: cross-border strategies

Whichever SuperReturn event you attend, you won’t be hard pressed to find a GP talking about the importance of cross-border investments. It’s a growing trend and a key strategy to enhance growth, whether it’s Asian companies moving into Europe or US businesses looking to Asia. As tension increases in China-US relations, an opportunity may arise for Europe to work more with China; it’s a road that is less travelled but worth exploring in the current climate. Cross-border opportunities are particularly pertinent for venture capital funds as startups need to consider when they might need to make the jump to other growth markets in order to achieve success on a global scale.

Panellists from Benhamou Global Ventures and Arbour Ventures explore the benefits of cross border strategies during Main Conference Day Three and answer key questions including:

  • How can cross boarder strategies be utilised to enhance growth?
  • When should companies make the jump to Europe, the USA and the growth markets of China, India and Southeast Asia?

The technology boom

One of the key themes cropping up time and time again over the four-day conference is technology and the potential disruption it presents. From AI and machine learning to bio-tech and health-tech, technology has had a huge impact on more traditional sectors such as healthcare, financial services and consumer. Throughout the conference we will assess the opportunities that have arisen in these innovative fields and panellists will discuss the consider how investors can see through the hype to evaluate the real potential.

Technology can also be utilised through different stages of the investment process; offering a value add tool through sourcing, operations and exits. Panellists from Blue Future Partners, Kerogen Capital and Global Ventures will discuss the impact that technology might have on your overall investment thesis and direction, including:

  • How are fund managers and traditional businesses viewing and leveraging technology and digital disruption?
  • How can technology be applied across sourcing, operations and exits?
  • Should this trend have a fundamental impact on your investment thesis and direction?

2018 is shaping up to be another great year for SuperReturn Asia, bringing together leading GPs from across Asia-Pacific and influential LPs with a global remit. Join us in Hong Kong 17-20 September – we look forward to seeing you there.

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