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It’s about time! Intel introduces a new category of memory

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A revolutionary new memory technology hasn’t been introduced in decades—until now. Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory combines the best aspects of storage and memory into a high-performance, high-capacity, cost-efficient solution that can speedily handle today’s data-intensive workloads and can scale to accommodate tomorrow’s. Working in tandem with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory can dramatically reduce the time it takes to extract insights from large datasets and maximize the power of analytics-driven decision-making.

The new benchmark for the financial services industry

Designed by trading firms, the STAC-M3™ Benchmark Suite is the industry standard for testing solutions that enable high-speed analytics on time series data such as tick-by-tick market data.Intel, Lenovo, and Kx recently set several new STAC-M3 performance records for systems running kdb+ on a single server. In fact, according to Peter Lankford, Founder and Director, Securities Technology Analysis Center STAC®, the baseline STAC-M3 results from Lenovo servers using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory established new records in 11 of 17 benchmarks for kdb+ systems using a 2-socket server and 9 of 17 benchmarks for kdb+ systems using a 4-socket server. In one example, he noted, “The calculation of market statistics that used to take more than half a second on a 2-socket kdb+ system now takes less than 75 milliseconds on the new solution—a speed increase of more than 7x.”1

Persistent data nanoseconds away

It’s a universal truth: The amount of data that can be analyzed in any given window of time is dependent on the speed at which the data can be ingested and processed. If your dataset is larger than the available memory capacity, data must be retrieved from storage. The resulting lag time can literally destroy the value of time-sensitive data.

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is a new, non-volatile memory layer within the memory/storage hierarchy that provides levels of performance historically associated with high-end, memory-only solutions. As datasets expand and workloads grow, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory can easily scale to support increased VM, container, and application density.

Like flash memory, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory brings data closer to the CPUso it can be accessed, processed, and analyzed in real-time. Like DRAM, it can store massive datasets but without latency or issues related to recovery of state upon server reboot. Data remains in memory when the system is power-cycled, and applications can access data structures in place—reducing database restart times from minutes to seconds.

On a strategic level, the flexibility of this solution allows users and systems designers to expand memory in the most optimal manner based on application requirements and the desired characteristics of performance, capacity, persistency, and cost. Whether analyzing more data faster within a single scenario or processing multiple models in the same window of time, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory presents opportunities for rapid time to insight and clear competitive advantage.

Your memory will never be the same

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory greatly expands the volume of data that can be maintained in memory and ultimately allows more intensive analytics processing in a given time window. For the financial services industry, and for all industries that are deriving value from big data and advanced analytics, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory can provide the technological foundation to unleash new use cases and more intensive and innovative data analytics than ever before.

Find out more about Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory or read the STAC Report.

1/ Source: Securities Technology Research Center,

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