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Overcoming Negative Customer Feedback and Pharma’s Challenges in Going Digital

jay-baer_epharma_2017_hug_your_haters_digital_customer_serviceIn a previous article, we shared highlights from a sit-down interview with Digital Marketer and Influencer, Jay Baer, who was our emcee and host for ePharma 2017.

We discussed how businesses can better leverage social media to serve customers, as discussed in Baer’s New York Times bestselling book, ‘Hug your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers.’

We highlighted several key points including:

  • What customers really want from brands in delivering customer service
  • How brands are adapting in the digital age
  • Why customers chose social media as a medium to communicate directly to brands
  • The challenges businesses, including pharma, are faced with in delivering quality service.

Several things we highlighted were Jay’s discovery about how consumers preferred to be served, as it pertains to customer service; something he discusses in his book.

Baer discovered that customers placed quality service over the speed in addressing their comments, questions or concerns.

Combating Negative Customer Feedback

While it is difficult to face negativity as they arise, addresses them is great for business.

“It’s important to understand and to recognize that out of everyone 100 happy customers, only 5 will complain…that’s five out of one hundred email, Facebook, Twitter, fax, face-to-face, phone. Five out of one hundred.”

“Those five are doing you an enormous favor. Because they are quite, literally, taking their time, voluntarily, to tell you what you can do better and that is a gift. That’s why we need to run towards complaints instead of running away from them.”

Pharma Challenges that Other Industries Don’t Have

The good news is that many of the social channels now allow for private conversations to take place on top of or behind public interactions, which helps from some HIPAA perspective.

As for their staffing issue? Jay notes may not necessarily be such a challenge. One of the reasons may be because of pharma’s lag time in address customer needs.

“Pharma as an industry has a little bit more of a lag time. The expectations of customers for speed in pharma is not as acute as it is for a lot of other industries. Said another way, in pharma you can get away with answering a tweet several hours later or maybe the next day and you couldn’t do that if you were an airline, for example. Consequently, what it allows pharma to do, at least for now, is to have somebody in the front line who, perhaps, is not a medical professional but can find all the tweets and Facebook posts and other things, forum posts, triage those, batch them, and then get somebody who’s on the medical side of the team and get answers from them.”

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