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Where does IoT fit into the ecosystem of wholesale as a service?

Where does IoT fit into the ecosystem of wholesale as a service, what benefits will it bring to operators, and how can we anticipate the impacts it will have on our society and tasks?

In a conversation with the MVNOs Series team, Ola Olsson Myrlin, Head of M2M & IoT Partnerships at Tele2 IoT ,  shared with us some insights into IoT, 5G and how these technologies will change our society entirely.

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MVNOs Series: Brief intro about yourself and Tele2 IoT

Ola Olsson: Tele2 is one of Europe's fastest growing telecom operators with 16 million customers and 5,000 employees in 9 countries. We’re in the business of challenging outdated business models and narrow-minded ideas.

Tele 2 IoT, a separate IoT Company under the Tele2 brand, orchestrates communication between devices and machines, to help customers launch successful IoT solutions.

At Tele2 we focus on what we do best; deliver global connectivity, enable efficient management and horizontal services needed within IoT. Our best-of-breed partners contribute with their area of excellence. Our high-quality IoT offering, combined with the strengths of our selected partners, truly reduce the complexity of both large- and small-scale IoT deployments.

As head of M2M & IoT Partnerships at Tele2, Ola is responsible for partnerships, indirect sales channels and business development, including all wholesale partnerships in IoT; and has an extensive IoT experience from companies such as Vodafone, Telenor Connexion and Ericsson.

MVNOs Series: Where does IoT fit into the ecosystem of wholesale as a service?

Ola Olsson: Operators will gain more and more requests from wholesale customers and partners who are looking to expand their capabilities into IoT. IoT often requires a good coverage, not only national but also regional. It is also very important to have a high reliability and service level, which makes wholesale as a service very interesting.

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MVNOs Series: What opportunities will the evolution of IoT offer the mobile wholesale market?

Ola Olsson: Considering the predictions of the connected future, the number of devices and requests for data as part of a package will continue to grow, it’s growing fast right now. From our side it is important that anything that we allow into our networks follows the GSMA guidelines on how we want an IoT device, application, product etc. to behave in our network since our requirements are very different in this space. We don’t do traditional wholesale in IoT, we have very different requirements for IoT partners.

MVNOs Series: How do MNOs accommodate the endless amount of connected devices in data-mature markets?

Ola Olsson: In order to accommodate the amount of connected devices, we, at Tele2 IoT, are doing huge investments into the network with the evolution of 5G, as well as investments in  IoT in general to address the opportunity; Overall, we are investing in our network to facilitate the requirements on the network side and at the same time we are investing in capabilities specific to IoT.

MVNOs Series: Is there a real need for IoT mobility or is this more of a luxury for consumers?

Ola Olsson: IoT is a big opportunity for any player in the IoT ecosystem, not only for operators but anyone operating in the industry.

From a consumer perspective, if we look at all that is discussed about IoT, it’s sometimes called the next industrial revolution; IoT will transform entire societies, how we interact with each other as well as the way services are being brought to the market enabled by connectivity.

I think the implementation of IoT will have a huge transformation on our society.

MVNOs Series: What are you looking to gain from attending the MVNOs World Congress in April?

Ola Olsson: It will be interesting to understand how some of the MVNOs are looking at IoT and how they are planning to address the opportunity.

We at Tele2 have a number of interesting partnership services that allow MVNOs to execute IoT strategies, so meeting some of the MVNOs at MVNOs World Congress would be very interesting for me.

MVNOs Series: How will the telecoms sector and the final consumer benefit from both 5G? 

Ola Olsson: 5G will also be a huge transformation, benefiting not only operators but also the consumer; It will allow us to cater for much higher bandwidths, we can cater for different kinds of IoT usage scenarios, use cases and of course cater for the amount of devices that we foresee in the connected future.

5G is going to be a significant transformation on the capabilities we have today, in many different ways.

MVNOs Series: How should the industries and companies be working together to deliver future technologies?

Ola Olsson: Our strategy is very horizontal so we always say that the key to success within IoT is very much a partner approach, meaning that there’s no one who can deliver the entire ecosystem by themselves; It is very much a collaboration between different players in the industry to cater for the requirements from the consumers, and of course from the enterprises.

At Tele2, we believe that having a partnership established where you are working combining the best of these partners to deliver solutions and having a very clear and open strategy in terms of collaboration between different stakeholders is the key to success.

MVNOs Series: How are these technologies changing people’s jobs and what are the skills they need to do their job?

Ola Olsson: Everything that can be connected will be connected, meaning that everything that can by automatized will be automatized  one way or the other, meaning that simpler tasks will mostly be automatized in the future but it will certainly require people with different type of skills being able to analyse and interpret the output because it is all about the data; machine learning, data analytics, mathematics etc. are some examples of skills needed.

It will mostly likely change the requirements of people’s education and training. The connected future will change the way we live.

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