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Multi-CDN Strategy: A Publisher’s Imperative

In an attempt to minimise single points of failure and optimise performance, many video publishers are deploying multiple content delivery networks for redundancy and load sharing. In this report, Adrian Pennington take a look at multi-CDN strategies ahead of Content Delivery World.

As our appetite for digital content has grown, so has the need for CDNs. According to Cisco, 73% of all internet video traffic will cross CDNs by 2020. Not only has demand for digital content grown, so too have expectations. Customers expect a high-quality online experience, irrespective of where they are or whatever device they’re using.

It is an issue that has caught out the very largest CDN providers and most high-profile streaming content providers. An example being Australian telco Optus’ failure to satisfy viewers of its streaming of the FIFA World Cup this summer, resulting in having to refund customers in a PR disaster.

What was good enough three to four years ago to service most audiences is not sufficient today. Content providers have learned that no one platform can offer the best performance everywhere, all of the time for all traffic types. As a result, many are moving toward a multi-CDN or hybrid approach to content delivery services.

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