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Virtual Reality-Primed 5G Networks Will be Made Mainstream by Consortium of Pioneering Tech Firms

 In order to meet the exponential growth in data and connectivity traffic, there is an urgent need for new telecommunications infrastructure that is capable of delivering true ultra-high-speed internet access services to households, businesses, and institutions; a network that can handle all the emerging, internet-reliant applications and services, ranging from 8K video streaming to High Definition Networked Virtual Reality etc. The expert team at Ange Communications, that pioneered the Fiber-to-the-Home industry, is now rolling out 5G-Primed infrastructure in multiple cities across the globe.

Problem Statement: With the anticipated explosive data and connectivity growth, current broadband access technologies will be unable to deliver the required performance and capacity. Industry analysts and operators are predicting a 1,000-fold increase of data traffic in the next few years with consumers and businesses increasingly using data-heavy (networked) applications at home, the workplace, and outdoors. Current and iterative technologies cannot remotely fulfil the communication needs of this fast-approaching future that touches almost all vertical sectors – everything from 5G, Smart-Cities-as-a-Platform, Mobile Backhaul, IoT, and Connected-Everything, let alone the panacea of High Definition Networked Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality.

Solution: Together with our consortium partners, rapidly scale an all-pervasive platform and service, accessible and affordable by the global masses – residents everywhere and business of all sizes: Angie Communications’ 5G-Primed Network Infrastructure Platform, a true enabler for all those internet-reliant emerging and future applications and services, increasingly demanded by people.

Angie Communications, with projects under way in USA and Europe, and its technology partners IgniteNet, Fibrolan and Elva-1, recently announced the launch of its Internet Service Provider services, utilizing purpose-built and jointly developed technologies and solutions. Angie intends to deploy the same technological and design model in all its upcoming markets.


This physical infrastructure is able to fully enable data-heavy applications/services, such as Networked High Definition Virtual Reality.

The consortium of next-generation communications technology firms have created technology to enable a 5G Primed Infrastructure available to, and affordable for, the masses — be they residents or businesses of all sizes — spanning and scaling buildings, neighborhoods, cities, and nations.

The consortium partners are experts in their respective fields. Their engineering R&D has resulted in a scalable design and deployment model for fiber-optic build-outs in neighborhoods with combined average throughput of 40 to 80 Gbps and the aggregated capacity could exceed 400 to 800 Gbps — per square mile. That throughput and capacity per square mile should be able to handle the future growth of VR and other forms of Reality applications.

This infrastructure, organized for and with Angie Communications by the technology consortium over the last 6+ months, is able to fully enable networked application areas, such as Networked High Definition Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. The Angie infrastructure enables ecosystem applications such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, Facebook’s Oculus, and Google VR - Daydream, Cardboard, and Jump (VR film-making), Samsung Gear VR, TheWaveVR (a VR platform for music lovers), InstaVR, 8th Wall, and Mindshow.

Simply put, via the consortium’s purpose-built technologies, Angie is the firm able to build VR, AR, and Mixed Reality capable infrastructure on a huge scale. Due to limitations of current systems and networks, without Angie’s infrastructure, massive-scale Networked x-Reality cannot be realized. Angie’s network is the platform for x-Reality – i.e., the future across many vertical sectors: Education/Learning, Design Prototyping, Gaming, Architecture & Interiors, Simulation, Virtual Worlds & Communities, Entertainment, Retail, etc.

With the Networked Virtual Reality Platform capably addressed, it follows that other emerging -lesser demanding- 5G application platforms and areas such as Small Cell fiber backhaul, Smart Cities-As-A-Platform, IoT, and Connected-Everything, are also enabled from the same revolutionary infrastructure.

Angie’s infrastructure and platform services will enable, participate in, and underpin each of these major growth markets:

  • According to the ITU, there are 3.5 billion people online as of the end of 2016, but more than half the world’s population (some 3.9 billion people) are still offline, and unable to connect regularly, if at all. Globally, the total number of active mobile-broadband subscriptions exceeded 3.6 billion by end 2016 (Broadband Commission, 2016). Global broadband service revenue will reach US$251 Billion in 2018 (ABI Research).
  • Between 2019 and 2025, the Global 5G Network Infrastructure market is set to aggressively grow at a CAGR of nearly 70%, eventually accounting for US$28 billion in annual spending by the end of 2025. These infrastructure investments will be complemented by annual shipments of up to 520 Million 5G-capable devices (MRC, Mar 2017)
  • The Global Smart Cities market is expected to be valued at US$3.482 Trillion by 2026, a staggering 2016-2026 CAGR growth rate of 18.8% (Persistence Market Research, Jan 2017)
  • The Global Mobile Backhaul market is projected to reach US$32.57 Billion by the end of 2021 at a 2017-2022 CAGR of 12.85% (Mordor Intelligence, Oct 2016).
  • The Global Internet of Things (IoT) market is forecast to be worth US$267 Billion by 2020 (Boston Consulting Group, Jan 2017)
  • The Global Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market is expected to be worth US$108 Billion by 2021 (Digi-Capital, Jan 2017)

Additional information is available through these joint publications and announcements:

  • Blueprint for Building 5G Primed Fiber Backhauled Telecom Infrastructures (Published May 8, 2017, link)
  • Smart City-as-a-Platform: Proposing a blueprint-based partnership with Angie Communications (link)
  • Angie's multi-purpose ultra-high-capacity networks: Small Cells, Gigabit Wireless Access, Smart Cities, IoT, and Fiber Backhaul (link)

Angie has infrastructure hubs imminent and already live in multiple locations in the Netherlands, with more to follow closely in our other initial roll-out markets — UK and US. One sample live business customer case includes restaurant Het Bosch (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) where Angie has built a 10-Gigabit fiber connection. Preliminary speed test results at this site includes:

Phase 1: Four Gigabit throughput achieved through four ports. For example, wired (925Mbps download, 888Mbps upload) and not yet optimized mobile/wireless (184Mbps download, 328Mbps upload) (link)

Phase 2: Test results of Wireless Extreme 5G will be published in July on

Some specifics on the Angie infrastructure, as devised with the technology partners:

  • Performance: 40-80Gbps backhaul capacity per square mile, that can even be further scaled up, coupled with low latency
  • VR and AR ready: designed to support future needs of large-scale VR and AR applications (as explained above)
  • Critical Infrastructure: with a combination of path and power diversity, as well as security, the network is fit to be mission critical ready (e.g., when being a single ISP in certain areas)
  • Environmentally safe: all elements are compact (for pole mounting), require low power (much less than a typical mobile base station) and emitting lower radio energy
  • Intelligent Switching: each pole is equipped with an advanced, compact and robust switching node, with multi-10G interfaces (the AngieBox), to serve current and future needs of wireless backhaul (including 5G)
  • High capacity Access Points: cutting edge tri-band 60GHz and Wi-Fi Access Points, with 10Gbps capability, each (read the specs here)
  • Radio links: 10Gbps MM-wave links for environment hurdles (e.g. rivers) and alternate backhaul paths
  • Redundant paths: using alternate fiber routes (the switching nodes are geared for high-speed protection schemes) and 10G wireless links, path diversity and redundancy is easily achieved
  • Fiber partner independence: having multiple fiber chains, combined with radio links, allows for flexible fiber partner selection and commercial terms, resulting in reduced operational costs
  • Terrain and landscape independence: using a combination of underground fiber, aerial fiber and radio links, any area can be connected and any obstacle (such as a river, deep canyon, etc.) can be crossed
  • 5G ready: the switching nodes can provide backhaul services for LTE and 5G small cells, including embedded timing support
  • Secured: the wireless access and radio links are highly secured, and the fiber links can easily be enhanced to full line encryption

About Angie Communications

Angie was founded by an international team of highly qualified technology professionals. Angie’s team includes visionaries and industry pioneers who have helped shape the 4G mobile, 5G wireless and Fibre-To-The Premises industries. Angie’s founding team has a combined 500+ years of experience in business; its executive team consists of industry pioneers and experts with a combined 300 years of telecom experience.

For more information about Angie’s Gigabit Wireless Extreme projects, please visit or watch the explainer video with NBA Hall of Fame legend and Angie angel investor Rick Barry, here.

We invite VR tech vendors to jointly collaborate and showcase their solutions along with us at our booth, and invite potential investors to attend, the Broadband World Forum event on 24-26 October, 2017, Berlin, Germany, where Angie is proud Partner Sponsor and our CEO, Neal Lachman, will be a keynote speaker.



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