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The Generation Z Shopping Lifestyle

How come Generation Z shoppers prefer shopping in retail stores physically rather than online? t’s ironic actually.

According to Media Kix, nearly 96% of teenagers in generation Z own a cellular device so wouldn’t it’d just be easier to shop online? Well that’s not the case. Statistics prove that 72% of the Generation Z and millennial population have shopped in a retail store within the last month. Preferably, it’s easier shopping in a physical retail store.

You can make sure the product you’re buying appeals to all your interests and preferences you expected for the product. Especially clothing. You could try on your clothing piece at stores to see if it’s your size, if you like the clothing piece or if it’s flattering on you or not. Within the Gen Z community, according to Pymnts, Calvin Klein and H&M are consumers favorite retail stores to shop at. In fact, H&M a Swedish multinational clothing retail company sells inexpensive, good quality and trendy clothing pieces for men, women, teenagers and children. As stated in Statista, on Instagram H&M has a following rate of 24.7 million followers meanwhile on Twitter H&M has a following of 8.76 million.

Today, it’s important to have a wide following because social media plays an important factor as to why a retail store or anything can become consumers favorite. By having a wide following you are appealing to all kinds of individuals when you are promoting and advertising your brand. These reasonings play a role as to why H&M is one of Gen Z’s favorite retail store. Trends have made a huge impact in society today and the trend is always so different which makes this era unique. We never stick to one style.

However, a trend which has been trending for a while is Calvin Klein clothing/underwear. In virtually every social media platform, we see many social influential people and celebrities promote Calvin Klein whether it’s modeling the underwear both men and women advertise. Recently Calvin Klein and Kardashian family had collaborated and had a huge photoshoot which they modeled the Calvin Klein lingerie. When millennials see this, they get an urge to buy these products to hop onto the trend because of the promotion big brands like H&M and Calvin Klein have.

These are major factors which play a huge role as to why Generation Z and the 21st century consumers prefer to shop in physical retail stores rather than online shopping.

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