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FUSE in Focus

A community that brings designers and brand strategists together through creative, inspirational, educational, and thought-provoking content.

Design is now. FUSE is here. Where are you?

FUSE is here again with an amazing set of speakers, thought leaders, storytellers and brain massagers.

Most of us think for a living, right? Fundamentally, we are paid to use our brains. So taking some time to focus on our primary thinking organ might be good. FUSE is a great place to massage your thinking organ.

If you're signed up, bring your brain, all your senses, business cards and a no. 2 pencil and paper. If you're not signed up, then do what you can to persuade someone to give up some budget for a brain workout. It might not have an immediate ROI, but you can be certain someone is working on a creative Internal Rate of Return to make it worthy.

FUSE isn't just about your thinking, though. It's also about your handshake, smile and the role of design. We all learn in different ways and FUSE covers it all, especially in the conversations between presentations. Often the listening happens in the room, and the learning happens in the hallway conversation after. It happens when you talk to someone who has dealt with similar issues and they have just the nugget you were seeking. Design is coming of age and entering the era of the Chief Design Officer, so the learnings are likely to be savory.

This is where a smile, handshake and business card are good starters.

Use all when appropriate. Use them often. Don't be afraid to use them spontaneously. You'll find it helps start a conversation. And, even if it doesn't turn into something brilliant, give it time to stew. Someday you might find the person you connected with at FUSE in 2012 has an amazing answer, connection, or source for you.

The speakers should be able to stimulate your brain. Let the conversations afterward stimulate your smile and desire to meet more interesting thinkers.