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Robert Schuessler, connected car VP, at Bright Box Europe exclusive interview

Bright Box has become a major player in the connected car hardware & software markets. In the run up to his session at Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Europe, we managed to get an exclusive interview with Robert Schuessler, connected car VP at Bright Box Europe.

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Please tell us about yourself and your position within Bright Box?

My name is Robert, as VP Europe together with our team we build up over the last years the Bright Box business in Europe, I should take care that our European customers are growing and be satisfied with Bright Box. I am focused to inform our prospects and customers about Bright Box and Remoto and develop together with them a strategy how and when to implement our turn-key connected car platform in some of their regions.

Who will the use of big data for connected cars open up opportunities for?

OEM's currently develop open platform for big data so that car owners can decide by themselves to whom they want to offer their data and what will be their benefit of offering this data.

To what extent will the smartphone be central to the connected car?

Smartphones have a dominating role in all of our lives. Some people spend up to 50% of their active day interacting and using their smartphones. They want to have their 2nd largest investment after their apartment or house, the car, part of this digital life. Connecting smartphones with the car and connecting smartphone owner via their smartphone with the OEM and/or dealership will increase the customer retention and loyalty of car owners with the OEM brand.

Who will benefit the most from the application of big data analytics?

Mainly OEM will use Big Data analytics to increase the quality and focus of their marketing activities and increase the quality of customer profiles.

What does Bright Box see for the future of the connected car?

In future all cars will be connected and using artificial intelligence based on big data will help to offer car owners more personalized services and will help OEM's to analyze the needs of cars owners better.

Bright Box will be exhibiting at Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Europe, who are you most looking forward to meeting?

Connected car managers of OEM's and importers, Executives and owner of private car importer are very interested in connecting their cars, Connected Cars AV is the place to meet.

Why do you think being involved with Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Europe is important?

Connected Car AV in London from 13.6. to 15.6. is one of the global gatherings of the connected car community, OEM's, importers and TSP's (Telematic service provider like Bright Box) For Bright Box conventions like the event is London is key to meet customers and initiate first contacts. Many of our current projects are based on contacts we created on conventions like the upcoming Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Europe.

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