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A Quick Guide to The Evolution of Autonomous Cars Through the Years

Autonomous cars are predicted to revolutionize motoring and make our roads safer. From a significant reduction in injuries and deaths from road collisions to increased mobility for children and elders, from increased traffic flow to lowered fuel consumption, the benefits it offers are many.

As the self-driving car market moves out of the realms of science fiction and braces on the threshold of explosive growth, GetOffRoad takes a quick look at the growth of autonomous vehicles over the years and shares some interesting predictions for the future. For example, did you know that plans for building an autonomous car actually started in the 1920s? However, it was only in 1939 that the general public got their first exposure to autonomous cars through GM’s Futurama exhibit at the World’s Fair. Today, studies indicate that the annual worldwide sale of fully autonomous vehicles might be more than 12 million by 2035. Partially autonomous vehicles are expected to cross 18 million in global annual sales by 2035.

Do you think autonomous vehicles are the way to go in the future? Check out the infographic below for more such interesting facts and stats!

Cars infographic

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