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Cloud & DevOps World 2017 Silver Sponsor Puppet – State of DevOps Report 2016

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Cloud & DevOps World 2017 silver sponsor Puppet have released their 5th annual State of DevOps Report which confirms and highlights the fact that achieving higher IT and organizational performance is a team effort spanning development and operations, it’s an investment that can deliver powerful returns.

Last year’s report shows how improving the entire product lifecycle, from initial product planning, to quality and security assurance, to customer feedback, speeds up delivery while improving quality, security and business outcomes. DevOps practices also improve organizational culture and enhance employee engagement.

With a dedicated DevOps track at this years’ Cloud & DevOps World, the event will be covering focus areas and topics such as Agile/Lean Principles, innovation inside your DevOps team, how to dissolve your IT structure and implement DevOps successfully. Presented by industry leaders from companies such as Facebook, Lebara, HSBC, BBC, Scania, The TFL and British Airways.  Get your free ticket today.

This year’s exclusive DevOps track has been crafted with the aim of providing the latest developments from within the industry, from the most prominent figures and brands.

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With specific DevOps focused tracks such as:

  1. The Role of DevOps in Digital TransformationRodrigo Campos - Manager, Production Engineering Facebook

  2. Why Should I Adopt DevOps and Agile/Lean Principles? Where should I start?Mandi Walls - Technical Community Manager, EMEAChef

  3. Panel Discussion: Achieving the Collaboration Culture That Will Drive DevOps/AgileClaudio Viola - Software EngineerContract, Peter Svensson - Agile Development LeadTransport for London, Dan McFall - VP of Mobility Solutions Mobile Labs

  4. Dissolve Your IT Structure and Implement DevOps Successfully Finbarr Joy - Group CTOLebara

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Over the past 5 years Puppet have surveyed more than 25,000 technical professionals worldwide to better understand how the technical practices, cultural norms and lean management practices we associate with DevOps affect IT performance and organizational performance. Last year Puppet looked at several dimensions of DevOps including lean management practices; application architecture; the role of IT Managers in a DevOps transformation; diversity; deployment pain; and burnout. In short they confirmed that there’s a lot more to IT performance than technical practices. In order to create sustained high performance, organizations need to invest just as much in their people and processes as they do in the actual technology.

Last year Puppet have addressed some of the most pressing issues from the DevOps community. These include the concerns around understanding ROI of DevOps; the role of experimentation and its value; how to integrate security into DevOps; and the relationship between employee engagement and organizational success.

Key Findings:

1.   High-performing organizations are decisively outperforming their lower-performing peers in terms of throughput. High performers deploy 200 times more frequently than low performers, with 2,555 times faster lead times. They also continue to significantly outperform low performers, with 24 times faster recovery times and three times lower change failure rates.

2.   High performers have better employee loyalty, as measured by employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Employees in high-performing organizations were 2.2 times more likely to recommend their organization to a friend as a great place to work, and 1.8 times more likely to recommend their team to a friend as a great working environment. Other studies have shown that this is correlated with better business outcomes.

3.  Improving quality is everyone’s job. High-performing organizations spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work and rework. As a result, they are able to spend 29 percent more time on new work, such as new features or code. They are able to do this because they build quality into each stage of the development process through the use of continuous delivery practices, instead of retrofitting quality at the end of the development cycle

4.  Improving performers spend 50 percent less time remediating security issues than lower performers. By better integrating information security objectives into daily work, teams achieve higher levels of IT performance and build more secure systems

5.  Taking an experimental approach to product development can improve your IT and organizational performance. The product development cycle starts long before a developer starts coding. Your product team’s ability to decompose products and features into small batches; provides visibility into the flow of work from idea to production; and gather customer feedback to iterate and improve with predict both IT performance and deployment pain.

6.  Undertaking a technology transformation initiative can produce sizable cost savings for any organization. Every technology leader wants to know what return to expect on investing in a technology transformation. Using key metrics from this report, as well as industry benchmarks, we’ve provided formulas to help you quantify your potential cost savings, using metrics from your own organization. We also provide suggestions for reinvesting those savings to improve IT and organizational performance.

With a huge range of speakers at this year’s Cloud & DevOps World we’ll be addressing all of the issues that the industry is currently facing as well and looking to the future to ensure that adoption of the principles and evolution of the industry are as smooth as possible.

With industry leading companies and speakers attending the event this year’s Cloud & DevOps World is fully focused on helping drive the evolution of the sector as a whole.  Find out more.

As part of a larger event, TechXLR8 and London Tech Week this year promises to be one of the largest gatherings of influential figures from industries such as Cloud & DevOps, 5G, VR & AR, Apps, Internet of Things, AI & Machine Learning and Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles.

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To read Puppets’ full State of DevOps Report 2016 visit their site here -

Or to discover more about DevOps and the role they play in today’s businesses discover more about Cloud & DevOps World, as part of TechXLR8 and London Tech Week, register for free today

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