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Why adopt a ‘cloud first’ policy

Written by Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler

Dirk Paessler CEO of Paessler Photo

It’s easy to see why a cloud first policy is the way forward: it allows seamless updates to newer versions of existing services, and facilitates installing new ones. It also seems to be the most assured way to future-proof your organisation, as it is an investment in the technology you rely on to get you there.

At Paessler, we wanted to jump on the trend early on so as to lead the way in incorporating the cloud, with the added bonus of making sure we smoothed out the glitches before our customers came across any issues. This is primarily so that when they came to us asking for answers, we would have them. Now, our ‘cloud first’ policy means we use either a cloud service (Saas) to create or update our IT infrastructure, or move the entire system to the cloud (IaaS, Paas).
Here’s why applying a similar policy will benefit your business:


Most businesses go through structural changes, which mean integrating IT systems into your existing one. Switching to cloud first allows you to turn an acquisition into a learning opportunity as it forces you to question whether you are using your legacy systems properly, for instance. Or if the system you have in place is overly complex, you could even ponder the position of each existing system and consider moving one or the other to another standardised system if it is not central to your team’s everyday use

New Business

The cloud has become the best way to undertake the demanding tasks that modern businesses regularly face. In our business alone we rely on the cloud to: deliver both websites and downloads quickly and on a global scale, block downloads in countries with export embargos, perform tracking and analytical analyses of our internal systems, and keep emails and newsletter distributions up to speed automatically.


Adequate cybersecurity cannot be guaranteed by a lone IT Team with limited resources operating within the confines of workable hours. Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft unlock the possibility of round-the-clock teams devoted to ensuring adequate cyber security meaning your business is always safely looked after.

Increase Productivity

There are no better examples to illustrate this point than updating websites and sending emails. Relying on cloud-based CDNs to update websites is much cheaper than using a data centre. It is also faster to use for customers and can give you access to various features that would otherwise take a significant amount of resources to create and maintain. Replacing existing servers - and the cluster they invariably create – with Office 365/Exchange Online means removing excess hardware and facilitating maintenance, which ultimately results in increased performance and a direct increase to your bottom line.

Upscale with ease

If you’re a fast growing business, you will know first-hand the strain that office moves cause your staff: everything has to be switched around quickly and without a glitch. Cloud technology can alleviate some of that pressure by offering, amongst other things, unlimited scalability.

I started my own business 20 years ago and the leaps forward that my industry has taken still astound me. The existence of a ‘cloud first’ company policy is not only a testament to this progress; it is also the way forward. When evaluating the future of your business, make sure you aren’t using yesterday’s tools to build for tomorrow.

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