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How ETSI MEC is Pushing Edge Industry Forward

With European Edge Computing standards ETSI storming the show at MEC Congress this year, we sat down with Dario Sabella, ISG secretary and Lead of industry Group Relationship at ETSI MEC.

What Role will MEC play in 5G?
We expect a concrete role of MEC in 5G. In fact, Edge Computing is already part of 3GPP standardization for 5G, and ETSI MEC is introducing  a standard for Edge Computing, also in alignment with other initiatives in the field (standard bodies and industry groups).

How is ETSI working to integrate edge computing into 5G network architecture?
Companies involved in ETSI MEC are promoting the harmonization and alignment with the more general work done in 3GPP for Edge Computing.

Network slicing, carrier aggregation and other advanced 5G technologies – how will they interact with MEC
Is MEC necessary for 5G?
As a concrete example, MEC is NFV environment is one key aspect that is currently considered by MEC. This will be especially relevant in the framework of 5G systems, and for the interaction of MEC with network functions.

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What other technologies provide the same benefits as MEC?

In principle, from 3GPP perspective, many other Application Functions as MEC can be part of 5G architecture, where multiple service environments can be exposed to the network.

How is ETSI MEC standard pushing the industry forward?
Several actions are currently ongoing, with different stakeholders (including open source projects, industry fora and associations, and vertical segments e.g. 5GAA). From an organizational perspective, ETSI MEC is establishing collaboration with many Industry Groups (I’m personally coordinating the ISG activities in that perspective, and we have several delegates taking care of each collaboration).

Does edge computing ever cross your radar while working at Intel? If so, in what way?
There is a lot of interest in Intel on Edge Computing, as a key technology enabler in many fields (as an example, I’m also involved in 5G Automotive Association, where Edge Computing is a key part of C-V2X systems)

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Where is edge computing moving in the next few years?
Edge Computing is in principle an enabler for many vertical segments, ranging from automotive to VR/AR, …

What can the audience take away from your panel discussion next month?
My panel will be on MEC ecosystem engagement, thus I expect to see the point of view of diverse stakeholders on their respective interest in MEC technologies. This will help us and the audience to better understand the needs and the future work that can be done in ETSI MEC ISG in that perspective.

ETSI will be all over MEC Congress with various panels and presentations about industry challenges and progress. Full details can be found in our brochure below.

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