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How to market your app differently to each generation

Why is it important do define your target audience?

When creating an app, it is really important to create the personas for it. What type of problem is your app going to solve for them? Where do they like to shop? How do they entertain themselves? How do their beliefs take part in their purchasing decisions? When answering these questions, you are ready to create a mobile app marketing strategy to know exactly how and where you are going to reach your target audience. More than this, you can build your app regarding interface and functionality based on this persona. With this in mind, you may ask yourself: what should I do to reach an audience of a certain generation? Here is the answer:


We are talking about apps for a target audience that might not choose what they want to download, that might not know how to read and write, and   are more focused on colors than on fine design or clean images.

App Marketing Tips

  •  When creating an app for kids, it is really important to bare in mind that you are selling your app first for the parents and then for the kids. So, security is crucial, and in addition, they must be shown as most educational as possible;
  • Colors. We are talking about kids. More than having a clean app icon and beautiful screenshots, the most colorful, the catchiest it will be;
  •  Characters. Being an app for kids, it is important to create a main character that will be advertised and carry the image of your app.

Example: Galinha Pintadinha

The app for kids has a catchy main character and screenshots quite clear for the parents to know what the app is about. One of the most important things is the last screenshot of the app. It is actually the seal of security, the most important things for the parents.

App radar 1

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Teenagers are the most demanding customers, but once you get it right, it is a success.

App Marketing Tips

  • Teenagers talk to each other by texting, and their way of showing emotions is by the use of emoticons. So, make use of them to make your app even more attractive;
  • Be trending. Teenagers follow other teenagers' habits, so if your app gets trending, it will be a huge success;
  • Influencers. Teenagers almost don’t watch TV or read magazines, the best way to reach them is by influencers. Many vloggers are the biggest influencers for teens and this might be a perfect strategy to advertise your app;
  • Go viral. Social media is one of the easiest places to spot your target audience. Make offers for those who share the post of your app or tag friends, etc.

Example: Snapchat

45% of the users are less than 24 years old. The screenshots are completely appealing for teenagers using emoticons, showing funny filters. Even the memories show a teenager’s life.

App radar 2

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Young Adults

We are talking about people that are always busy. They work, study, have relationships, friends, a house to take care, and trips to plan. Everything's going on at the same time.

App Marketing Tips

  • Show them that your app can help them with their busy life;
  • These people are really active in social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Then make use of social media for app marketing;
  • We are talking about big fans of gifs. So make use of it;
  • They commonly know what they want and are likely to use the search function of the app store – so make sure to do App Store Optimization
  • Make sure your website is reachable. Many of the potential customers have private and business mobiles. So your app should be easy to be downloaded at the Apple App Store and Google Play;

Example: Toshl Finance

The app helps young adults not to lose track of their expenses, setting monthly budgets and other functionalities. Exactly as we discuss, it comes as a lifesaver for those who are too busy and need simple and fast things to organize themselves. The screenshots are straight to the point, showing really quickly what the app will help you with without much effort and no waste of time.

App radar 3

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We are talking about a target audience that wasn’t born with technology in the palm of their hands, which means they need easy apps, intuitive. They know what they want, so the app should go straight to the point.

App Marketing Tips

  • Show the features in your app description and screenshots as clear as possible;
  • Focus on the mobile usage, as most of them basically use just the mobile and not computers;
  • Make sure your website is optimized for mobile;
  • Point out that your app is easy to use;
  • Use Emotional pictures to show empathy.

Example: Remember the Milk

The first sentence describing the app is straight to the point: “Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. You'll never forget the milk (or anything else). The explanation of the app is in bullet points, making it quite easy to read and to understand the features.

App radar 4

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Additional tips for marketing your app

It doesn’t matter which kind of app you are offering. It is always crucial to initially define your target audience. Furthermore, you should regularly check if you are reaching the right target right. Besides this, your app might be interesting for many people all over the world. Then bear in mind that adults of many countries don’t speak English, for instance. So, the more you localize your apps appearance, the most reachable it will be. ASO tools like App Radar therefore can help you with optimizing your apps listing in app stores in order to better reach a greater audience.


Author Bio

Thomas Kriebernegg can look back on over 10 years of experience in Online Marketing and 5 years in App Marketing. He is an app enthusiast and the CEO at App Radar, an online App Store Optimization Tool that helps app developers understand and optimize their app store appearance.

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