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Authy Connects 3D to 2FA at Apps World North America

When people talk about mobile-first, they usually aren’t thinking ‘security first.' But they should be.

Building any new application or service today—especially when considering the international market for mobile-first apps, wearables, and IoT applications—requires a more critical eye towards security.

Gating an app with a simple username and password worked fine twenty years ago, but today it’s just inadequate. And with cyber criminality being so highly specialized, passwords can’t even be considered a serious security measure anymore.

Two-factor authentication, which has been around in various and somewhat inconvenient forms for dozens of years, was typically avoided because it created friction for the consumer. Developers rarely made 2FA mandatory for fear that users would migrate to easier-to-use competitors. But that mindset is changing. In fact, with identity theft and hacking regularly making headlines, users are insisting on 2FA options. They want to be more secure. And we all know that the customer is always right.

By coupling the modern smartphone with two-factor authentication, developers can now provide cheaper and better user experiences while securing much more than a user’s login.

  • Need to ensure it's the right user when they change their home address in your retail application?
  • Want to implement a super-fast manager approval process for financial transactions?
  • Need at least two system admins to approve a server reboot?

Apps World North America invites you to learn more about using 2FA to securely communicate from application to user in a conference session called “2FA and Beyond.” Simon Thorpe, Director of Product for Authy, will demonstrate how, with just a few lines of code, Authy provides a more secure and user-friendly authentication for your apps.

Plus, attendees will get the chance to win a Flashforge Finder 3D Printer by participating in the coding demo directly from their seats. For a chance to win, just sign up at before attending the live demo!

Simon’s presentation, “2FA and Beyond,” will be given within the Apps World North America Enterprise track at 12:20 pm on Thursday, May 12th.

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