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Facebook is still king. Content is still king.

Content discovery - we are now bombarded with more marketing messaging in 24 hours than what would reach our parents in a year. Too much content, too much messaging - how to get your voice heard in this "time impoverished" society. This is where the power of Facebook wins - in many ways using Facebook to personalize and service you content consumption becomes a "time raise". The user eliminates messaging that is not relevant both commercial and organically. A person's "liked" pages on Facebook become their own very personal brand of news channel - providing exact content on anything from films, fishing, gardening, hard news, etc. Through "friends" endorsement and curated articles - a wonderful journey of content discovery evolves and engages the user. It is a "welcomed" experience.

Apply this to a news brand and you get not only amplification and higher reach - you also get a sub brand. Millennial's no longer define themselves like past generations of what they read - i.e. I am a "Guardian Reader", I am a "Telegraph" reader - now it is about curating and opinion. The content is a destination arrived to by many roads - social, search, recommended and stumbled upon.

This is exciting times for content providers - content is still king and there are so many more platforms to optimize it on. Snapchat moving fast as a content platform for the youngest demographic on up. Refreshing, new and shaking up how content is consumed. News brands are all on the Snapchat band wagon to tell their own personal stories. From small community to massive verticals - content discovery has turned us all into bespoke consumers.

The Live experience is another layer that is animating our content digestion. Real time - real events - Live. If you missed it - it's on a loop to replay. This brings an urgency as well as a freshens - compelling the user to watch now! The questions is... is there enought "live" events to maintain the level of engagement on a platform?

Facebook is still king of the numbers having the largest share followed closely by YouTube and Twitter - watch this space on the Snapchat assent.

By Denise Parkinson

Denise Parkinson is a 20 year industry vet in all aspects of movie marketing. A digital expert - running global film campaigns at Yahoo! and Walt Disney - over the last three years, Denise has been leading the digital film process of success at The Telegraph Media Group. Follow her on @DeniseVancouver

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