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Exclusive Interview with Luis Picurelli, CEO of Yeeply

In the lead up to our Apps World Germany event in Berlin last week we managed to get an exclusive interview with the CEO of one of our exciting startups in the Origins Programme, Luis Picurelli, CEO of Yeeply.

What is the key to effective innovation in mobile?

When we started three years ago, a horizon of innovation within mobile technology was yet to explore. Today, we can say the future is even more exciting if you think of what’s yet to come: VR, AR,IoT…

But, in both periods, it's passion what drives effective innovation! You could have a good idea, financial power and excellent skills, but excited teams loving what they do is unbeatable.

Are people taking full advantage of the marketing  opportunities apps already offer?

Definitely, they don't. We live in the times were mobile traffic is killing the web, still many small biz believe investing in mobile app development is secondary.

At the beginning of web times, few small biz thought of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a boost for their sales. Today, we feel the same problem with mobile app development.

However, those having the guts are taking a bigger piece of the cake. We don’t say every company needs an app, but sure they can take big advantage of mobile technology.

A good example is Trip Advisor. Restaurants, hotels… They know is more effective to have a positive profile on the platform than cutting down prices by 50%!

Is mobile the new normal? If so how can one be cutting edge?

 Like any other technology, mobile is always in evolution. We could say its the new normal if we have a look at smartphone penetration, however still a long way to go when it comes to design and development possibilites!

To be cutting edge you have to work with top development teams like our certificated developers. They’re the ones at the vanguard of the technology, able to create a unique customer experience on your app; that’s why Yeeply evolved to a 360º marketplace in order to provide solutions that are not just a fine development or intuitive design, but a full experience to achieve business goals.

What’s the most exciting thing about mobile in 2016?

The world of app development is becoming more democratic! In Yeeply we're observing that our customer base includes entrepreneurs who want to make true their ideas and are able to raise seed capital through business angels or crowdfunding. But also marketing agencies and big corporations going fully-­‐ mobile!

For example,Yeeply is the official app provider of LaLiga (the Spanish football association) and with in two years has launched top products such as LaLiga TV (pioneer streaming platform to broadcast live games); LaLiga Puzzle(an innovative puzzle game together with Panini); or LaLiga Fantasy (the official manager game of the competition).

The challenge now is to interconnect all the products and create a 360º user experience. Can’t wait for it!

What impact do you expect IoT to have on the mobile industry over the coming years?

It’s a logical evolution of the mobile technology. We use personal computers only at home or in the office, becoming more natural to use smartphones or wearables everywhere and 24/7.

There are two games to be played when it comes to IoT. First, the devices battle(as it happened on smartphones) that is pointed to big audience.Second,the technology battle, this one is to seduce developers and affects to the quality of the apps we’ll enjoy!

Who is really inspiring you in the mobile ecosystem at present?

Tough question… I’d say, every Fintech startup has my attention as they’re disrupting a niche with powerful corporations dominating for centuries!

Also, amazes me how Facebook is reinventing the Messenger app trying to fight for a piece of cake that seemed eaten by Whatsapp, Snapchat,Telegram…

You can find inspiration even in the smallest project we receive a tour marketplace!

What is the main advantage of attending Apps World Germany?

At the end of 2015 Yeeply was exhibitor at Apps World London for the first time. It was so exciting to meet people as passionate as we are! Getting to know the big players in the business was awesome, as much as all startups that showed up and presented dynamic and creative products!

The Apps World Germany will take place in one of the hottest spots for startups in Europe. We're looking forward to meet new friends, present our services and make business!

In fact, do you want to know how much costs to build that app on your mind? Simply check out:

Who are you most looking forward to talking to at this year's Apps World Germany?

From experience I can say that the funniest and most interesting chats arise totally spontaneously. That's why we love to be exhibitors and meet new people. But of course this year we are looking forward to seeing inspiring personalities like Ian Livingstone and David Shing!

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