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Exclusive interview with Dimsum Game Chairman Oliver Wu Peng

A growing force in the Chinese Gaming market and looking to break in to Europe, Dimsum Game Chairman Oliver Wu Peng speaks to Apps World.

What is the key to effective innovation in mobile Gaming?

Oliver: When develop a new game, what producer concerns most is innovation. Innovation is easy to make if there is no limitation, however users are hard to fulfill. In fact, it is not easy to make effective innovation in mobile gaming because of the limitations. You need to consider users’ feelings, such as if they can manage the skills, accept the rules, enjoy gaming time. If all above is fulfilled, then it is an effective innovation. 

Is mobile the new normal in Gaming? If so how can one be cutting edge?

Yes, of course.

We are not followers in the industry, we are always trying to seek opportunity to surpass the current achievements, and we succeeded. We care about users’ feelings, keep close eye on industry trends, pay attention to successful company and products and then build our future in full consideration. Only who well considers the overall situation, has the chance to find and grab the industry trend to be cutting edge.

What’s the most exciting thing about mobile Gaming in 2015?

The most exciting thing is that Mobile Gaming grows rapidly this year.

Who is really inspiring you in the mobile Gaming ecosystem at present?

There are so many friends and partners that inspire me in this ecosystem, from production, publishing, payment. Out of all these, the founder of Kabam, Kevin Chou, taught me how to focus. The founder of Supercell, IIkka, showed me that there is no boundary for a good game.

A good game is cross countries, cross culture.

What is the main advantage of attending Apps World?

Apps World is a respectable forum with high reputation. We can make new friends here, even with industry giants, get inspiration from them and build cooperation. No one will miss this chance.

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