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The Challenge of Marketing Your Mobile App on a Low Budget: 6 Impressive Tips

Now that you have created a perfect mobile app ready to deliver a fine user experience with optimum chances of business conversion, you have still reached just the halfway mark. You are still left with a huge responsibility of marketing your mobile app to make your work available to the audience. Without proper marketing your target audience may not know that such an app exists. But even after making your new app visible you must make a compelling marketing campaign to let people know how it can add value to their life.

To the surprise of many small business owners and startups who fancy having their mobile apps built to target the mobile audience, marketing a new app is no longer that expensive like the previous generation digital products. Yes without going for prime-time TV, She'll slots you can make your product discovered and reach global audience of your niche with an array of smart maneuvers. If you know the kind of approach and tools you need to make your app easily discoverable to larger audience the marketing can actually be free most
of the times.

Here we are going to introduce six impressive tips to market your new mobile app without a hefty budget.

1. PR and content marketing

Many of us often come across interesting stories about mobile apps in websites or in social media. Apps help us to solve problems and we use apps because we find them invaluable for the kind of solution we need for the respective problems. By publishing humanly stories and contents about the app on various platforms we can connect the audience directly and easily tell them how it can add value to their life. This is precisely the significance of public relations and content marketing for mobile apps.

To make your app message audible to the larger audience you can reach out to influential bloggers and media personalities who review such digital products in your niche. When pitching your new mobile app to the influential bloggers and media personalities, remember you need to go through follow-ups for two or three times. You cannot expect it to be as easy as to receive a positive reply with a quick review within just a couple of days. These days, influential bloggers and media persons get flooded with such requests and so it may take some time before they take your request seriously.

2. Engage with niche community

To make your mobile app reach your audience you need to target places visited by your audience frequently. Or you need to target websites enjoying most influence on your niche audience. You can target the discussion forums of your niche where users, developers and businesses interact with each other and share their opinions. Every niche has some valuable websites and such widely popular discussion forums attended by regular audience. Instead of targeting the wider audience across the dishes such specific focus on niche websites and forearms will bring you valuable attention from the target audience for your new mobile

Now, when publishing content about your new app or expressing opinion about your new mobile app you should not be too loud about the advantages of your app. When sharing link within your comment or elsewhere keep restraint to prevent looking like spam. By becoming too aggressive and loud in reputed community platforms you can actually be banned and lose the opportunity of impressing your target audience. Before publishing your new app try to mingle with the community and build your voice and a peer group.

3. DIY contents and social engagement

Contents still rock when it comes to marketing. But instead of the same type of content that are published elsewhere in your niche, you should try to do something different and unique. But when it comes to creating valuable and unique contents developed by experts in your field you need to shell out hefty amount from your marketing budget. For any start-ups or small companies just venturing into the mobile arena expensive content creation to reach their audience often remains impossible and out of question. But if you have few years of experience in your business you can produce quality content by yourself.

For example, if you are into retail business for luggage and bags you can easily create small videos with the explanation about your top selling products. You can create impressive infographics with the luggage picture and all the features and compartments shown with small bite sized texts surrounding the image. You can offer impressive slideshows of your product range with text accompanying each product slide. Such contents widely leveled as Do It Yourself or DIY contents can actually groom you as a content creator without any extra cost.

For regular social media engagement there is nothing like publishing these DIY contents. With frequent engagement in demand you cannot deliver lengthy contents every time you post and this is why DIY contents come as a helpful solution to make your valuable contribution regular on the social platforms.

When it comes to social media engagement it is advisable to choose only three or four platforms initially that are mostly used by your target audience. By targeting a lot of social platforms you cannot be frequent with your content contribution and engaging presence on a regular basis. Choose your target social platforms as per the preference of your target audience. Facebook is the common one and apart from that LinkedIn it’s for professionals and Pinterest is good for women audience.

4. Take help from experts and influencers

Most buyers now have an uncanny habit of searching online before deciding on the purchase. There is no surprise in the statistics that 65% of mobile audience has their buying decision only after browsing the web or being recommended by their trusted websites or personalities. Some websites in every niche have the reputation of publishing credible reviews that can influence the respective audience quicker.

Some reviewers can really drive public opinion about the digital products. By making your app reviewed by these influencers and experts you can have a better chance of generating valuable organic audience for your new app. For example, if you have a stock broking app get it reviewed by famous blogger send authors on the subject of stock broking and using technology for well timed equity investment.

5. Microsite

Lastly you can create a Microsite for your new app. It is nothing but a small website with a length of two-to-three pages. It is a websites that collects all the information about your app. Such a small website helps collecting information about your app and users. By publishing the regular contents and through SEO efforts you can drive web traffic directly to the Microsite web page and further push them to download your new app.

Final thoughts

Let me tell you with assurance that the above-mentioned tips are most time tested and effective ones when it comes to gaining traction through rigorous mobile app marketing on a low-budget. Even a brick and mortar store when having its new mobile app can find them effective.

Author Bio

Juned Ghanchi is the co-founder of IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile app development company. He has a very huge experience in the field of digital marketing that helps him to drive leads and increase revenue for the company.