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5 Ways You Can Better Market Your App

I’ve worked with a startup that spent several months (if not years), to “perfect” the app.  While as noble as it may sound, there were several mistakes during the development as well as promotions that many app marketers are usually so caught up with that many essential details and plans were missed. Apps are supposed to be cool, the holy grail of engagement between the developers and its makers with its target audience. But the thing is, developing the app is just one of the essential processes, but the hard doesn’t end there. Your app can bring you completely new customers, if you market it properly. Today, let’s explore five simple ways in which you can market your quite easily.

1.    Create a quick instructional video

When you visit the app in the app store, you would find many apps which are relying on images and text description to make the prospective users understand the usage of the app. It heavily impacts the download rate for the app as customers don’t easily understand what exactly is your app about.

To fix this, you have to create a video explaining the functionality of the app and not only do you have to upload it to the App Store, but you need to also share it on YouTube and social networks to spread the word about your app and to explain how it works. Next time they land on your homepage, don’t give the visitors a chance to abandon your app but immediately engage them with a quick and easy to share video about your app.

2.    Make use of Facebook ads

If you're willing to shell a small amount of money in getting the downloads for your app and making your app more popular, then Facebook ads are the best option which you have got. You can easily target the exact market for your audience and get targeted downloads.

3.    Establish a unique Referral scheme

Apps like Dropbox specialized in this type of strategy by giving extra cloud space to anyone who refers the app to their friends. This can help your app in going viral and can get you targeted downloads and shift the burden of marketing the app to your users rather than only you doing it yourself.

4.    Engage in niched forums

This may seem like an old school online marketing 101, but it seems like many of the website owners currently use it to their advantage. Find relevant forums where the frequent users are also your target market. Try not to spam the forum though. By engagement in informative conversation with the community and eventually introducing your app to them gives you the opportunity to get targeted visitors and gather feedback about your app for improvement.

For example, if you're launching a gaming forums like TouchArcade would be a great place to start.

5.    Contact tech reporters

Once you are sure that your app is glitch-free, it might be a good idea to pitch it in front of the reporters and tech bloggers to get the right exposure. By giving each reporter an exclusive and unique angle to write about, you will get higher changes of getting coverage as opposed to simply mass emailing.

Getting your app to post-production is already a great work. However, the real work starts after its completion as you need to be on the look-out for opportunities to market and get feedback from your target audience on how to make it better. By taking the somewhat slow yet unique approach to your promotions, you can ensure the quality of messaging as well as the type of relationship you’re developing with your audience and potential investors.


Jonha Richman is a Business Strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital media strategies for FMCG and tech companies such as IKEA, Dove, RebelMouse, among others. She's a regular contributor on The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Lifehack and Fast Company. You may connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

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