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Apps World

New Android 4.4 OS to be called KitKat: Give us a break...

The announcement by Google and Nestle to call the latest Android iteration Android KitKat has seemingly thrown the entire tech industry a curve ball. Not to mention the Apps World marketing team who have already ordered 1000s of Key Lime Pie flavoured chewing gum to celebrate the new OS at this year’s show!

All previous reportage, rumour and conjecture around Key Lime Pie is now officially null and void following yesterday’s news.

So what do we know now? The latest Android operating system will be 4.4 – not the long-awaited 5.0 – and, according to reports, no money was exchanged for the exclusive partnership.

For their part, Nestle will put the Google Droid on more than 50 million KitKat bars, whilst a statue of the ubiquitous Android mascot made out of KitKat bars currently resides outside Google’s headquarters.

Even though most impartial observers would see this move as a big result for Nestle, Google reportedly came up with the idea and approached the Swiss company, whose executives accepted the offer within 48 hours.

Reaction to the collaboration has been mainly positive. The majority of praise on Twitter was reserved for KitKat’s home page, which resembles an Android product launch, with Allyson Stewart-Allen, director of International Marketing Partners telling the BBC the branding was “a creative and possibly clever idea.”

Yet it’s not all good news; one worry is that if brands are married up, bad press for one means bad press for the other by association, whilst Digital Trends provocatively described the move as a sell out.

Good or bad, the after-effects of yesterday’s announcement will be the main topic of conversation at the Droid World track at Apps World, on October 22-23.

Watch this space for the latest developments. And if you happen to know anyone in the market for key lime pie flavoured confectionary, then point them in our direction...