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Exclusive Interview with Rob Weisz, CEO of Fonix

Fonix provides mobile payments and messaging services to clients across many sectors, including Comic Relief, DMG Media, Powwownow, Tastecard and Children in Need. In light of the upcoming 2017 Apps World event, we caught up with CEO Rob Weisz about Fonix, Apps World and all things tech.

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At the moment, how are Fonix managing to stand out from the competition in such a crowded marketplace?

‘Well, in comparison to its competitors, Fonix’s strength is in its focus. We deliver a set of products in key markets and focus on delivering them extremely well. This is demonstrated through the range of high profile clients we work with, such as Channel 5, DMG Media, Children in Need and Comic Relief.’

How important is testing when it comes to creating viable API for mobile payments?

‘Testing is of vital importance - it secures the resiliency of our APIs by allowing us to account for exceptional use cases, alongside the more common software engineer challenges that come with delivering a powerful and reliable API.

‘There are multiple tests which help us manage and build really strong API services, such as testing its strength as well as making sure our APIs are easy to use. This means quicker and more frequent updates for consumers, which is what matters most to us.’

How important is security when creating a mobile payments API?

‘We’re absolutely dedicated to making sure that Fonix provides the most secure service possible, which consumers and clients can trust.

‘Mobile payments are extremely secure but of course, it is possible for them to be intercepted. This is particularly problematic if the mobile payments process requires credit card details to be typed in - the ramifications of someone else knowing these details can be disastrous.

‘One of the best things about mobile carrier billing is that it doesn’t require credit card details, or any personal information. Instead, users are securely identified by the mobile network in milli-seconds. And that’s another thing - all of the UK mobile networks trust us, so consumers can too!’

Do you see wearables being a vital part of the mobile payments ecosystem in the future?

‘Absolutely. Wearables are already beginning to dominate and they really fit with the convenience of mobile carrier billing - paying from a mobile device already has the capability of letting consumers pay without the hassle of getting out their credit cards and typing in their details, but this process could still be even more easier. If this process was carried out with a wearable, those making payments wouldn’t even need to get their phones out to pay via carrier billing. It could be as simple as just tapping your wrist a couple of times to make an instant, secure payment.’

What would you say is the most exciting innovation in 2017?

‘The speed at which technology is advancing at the moment means that it’s impossible to call out one specific thing. For me, the most exciting areas have to be within the sustainability of the environment. Energy management with the likes of Tesla, which is phenomenal, through to waste management with the likes of The Ocean Clean up - so many of these businesses have a mission that goes beyond simply having a successful business.’

Can you explain what the advantages are of attending Apps World?

‘Apps World is a fantastic event for bringing together brands, developers and enterprises that all share the common goal of changing the world with innovative technology.

‘There are so many benefits to being a part of it - there’s much to learn from seeing inspirational companies that are absolutely nailing it when it comes to tech.

‘It’s also just great to meet like-minded people; I’ve always enjoyed seeing other people get excited about technology, it reminds me why we do what we do, and why we love it so much.

‘Above all else, it’s just really, really innovative tech and it’s fascinating to see what’s out there.’

Make sure you don't miss out on Apps World Evolution

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