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How AppMachine aims to lower the cost of development for professional and novice developers alike - an interview with AppMachine founder and CEO Siebrand Dijkstra


Ever wanted to build an app but don’t know where to start? Don’t know your Java from your Objective-C? Normally this is where an apps design agency would come in but AppMachine is aiming to change all that – with its building blocks approach to app building which means that even a novice can create an operating app from scratch.

If you’re a developer you may be considering stopping reading at this point but don’t! AppMachine has chosen Apps World Europe to launch the developer version of its AppMachine tool. Founder and CEO Siebrand Dijkstra says the tool will offer huge advantages to developers since it will dramatically cut the development time, and therefore their cost to serve, of building apps for clients.

The AppMachine tool allows customers to build native apps for IPhone and Android regardless of coding experience or skills. The building process is free, the charges only coming as a one-time fee – ranging from £349 to £849 when you publish the app. Dijkstra claims to have done the hard work for you – having put in 120,000 hours of development into the tool which went live in June of this year. It now has 46,000 users in 140 countries and 1,300 apps have already been published through the platform.

“Ours apps build platform is completely in the browser and is just as easy as playing with Lego,” he says. “We have a CMS (content management system – the place where you create the app) and about 25 standard building blocks that you can use to build your app,” he says.

The publishing fees range from the £349 fee for the Gorgeous version of the tool to £599 for the Designer version. The Developer version will cost £849 but Dijkstra claims this is a small price to pay for the work saved. “We are giving developers a 120,000 hour headstart with our platform with the developer adding on his own functionality on our basics. This way a developer is able to build an app in the fraction of the time,” he says.

He likens the process to Wordpress – which has opened up blogging to the masses -- and believes AppMachine has the potential to do the same. “There are about 48 million SMEs in the world and we had to deliver a way to make app building cheaper. We give you a framework where you can deliver apps faster which means lower costs and the opportunity to make more money from building apps since for less than £900 you now buy a big framework library,” he says.

Dijkstra defends the critics that say his platform effectively puts developers out of a job. “At first the developers react like normal human beings and say this is new and it’s threatening my business. I say I’m a developer myself for 32 years I just want to remove the annoying plumbing from the code and give you an extreme headstart for using this framework for your development,” he says.

“I’m not stealing their market. I’m facilitating them to sell more apps because I’m lowering the price for apps by an extreme amount,” he says.

Whether the user is novice or professional one thing is for certain – AppMachine will open up the opportunity for great, functional apps to many more individuals. See Siebrand demonstrate AppMachine in  Developer World and Tech World.

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