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Coca-Cola’s key innovator takes on mobile in an interconnected world

The Coca-Cola Company has become one of the most well-known and recognisable brands in the world. People have an automatic association with their iconic bottles and classic Christmas adverts. Another thing that The Coca-Cola Company has become synonymous with is their constant ability to innovate. With that has come their attempt to maximize the mobile user experience.

Michael Boehme, CTO, CIO, Chief Architect & Customer/Commercial CIO of The Coca-Cola Company is the man leading innovation in the mobile space. Boehme has said recently one way in which The Coca-Cola Company can continue to innovate is by partnering with startups that are disrupting the traditional blue-chip companies. Alan took the bold step of leapfrogging the nearby Silicon Valley startups and diving into Tel Aviv’s vibrant startup community, including his part in setting up The Bridge by Coca-Cola. Boehme see’s working alongside these startups as the key to The Coca-Cola Company succeeding in an increasingly connected universe.

Boehme now heads to this year’s Apps World North America show at The Santa Clara Convention Center (April 10-12) to give a case study on creating a disruptive app in the mobile retail space. At Web Summit 2016, Boehme said “"All of this is mobile; all of this is changing the way the Coca-Cola Company and systems think about technology and think about the future. Not to mention all of our consumers," and this is reflected in The Coca-Cola Company’s venture intomobile retail. Boehme’s session at Apps World North America focusses on optimizing mobile payments for user convenience while also offering a “WOW!” experience.

Register here for Michael Boehme’s Coca-Cola Keynote Case Study: Creating a Disruptive App for the Mobile Retail Space on the Mobile Retail & Fintech conference at Apps World North America, view the agenda here.

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