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Apps World

A Quick Fire Interview with Hedgehog Lab CEO Sarat Pediredla

This week we have a quick fire interview with Hedgehog Lab Co-Founder and CEO Sarat Pediredla who gives us some insight on what he thinks can be the big innovations in the sector.

  • What is the key to effective innovation in mobile?

The key is to address mobile as part of your core digital strategy and not sideline it as something you need to do as a footnote to your existing digital strategy. For most consumers, mobile IS digital. 

  • Is mobile the new normal? If so how can one be cutting edge?

Mobile is here and it's now. With some parts of the world using mobile as their primary computer interface to the Internet, it's essential that brands focus on putting mobile at the fore-front of their digital efforts. Cutting edge doesn't necessarily mean working with blue sky solutions or adopting the latest. Delivering practical innovation that every day users can access now in a friendly user experience is vital. 

  • What’s the most exciting thing about mobile in 2015?

Smart watches taking off is really exciting as we are now starting to see the Internet of Things truly come to life. We expect to see more innovation in the Connected Device space.

  • How can companies be more aggressive in their app development whilst maintaining app and cyber security?

Firstly, choosing a good partner is essential. A lot of companies shy away from engaging external consultancies on app development as they feel doing it in-house can keep costs down and risks low. However, what they are missing is the ability of these consultancies to transcend verticals and the experience they can bring on board to building robust solutions with cross pollination of ideas from other verticals.

  • Who is really inspiring you in the mobile ecosystem at present?

Sounds obvious but Apple and Google. They are both pushing the boundaries of where mobile is constantly. While Google has a lack of focus, it's innovating at a rapid pace so great to see 2 tech titans clashing to keep innovation going in this space.

  • What is the main advantage of attending Apps World ?

For us, it's the opportunity to engage with brands and start-ups that are doing exciting things in the mobile space. It's also a great learning experience for us as we get to see what else is out there.