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5 Industries We Wish Would Use More Apps

Any business that deals with customers and/or clients on a regular basis could use a mobile app. Just think of the businesses you deal with on a regular basis – don’t you tend to feel more favorable about those that make things easier with their app?

Some businesses and industries are ahead of others, of course. Those who stay ahead of the curve often benefit financially.

Here are five industries that could benefit from offering more apps to their customers and clients:

  1. Restaurants

It should be a given for a restaurant to have a mobile app, but not every one does. Those that don't should strongly consider it, however, considering how popular they appear to be among diners.

For example, a survey from Statista found that 55 percent of diners use restaurant mobile apps to view menu and pricing information. Another 38 percent use them to find deals, and 30 percent use them to place orders online.

Apps can be a great revenue generator as well. It may be a bit of an unfair example considering how big of a business it is, but take Starbucks, for instance. Mobile ordering and payments account for about 20 percent of its transactions, which works out to a whopping $9 million per week on average.

  1. Construction

The construction industry may not be top-of-mind when you think about mobile apps, but it definitely should be. While some construction companies have already embraced mobile-first webpages, the industry as a whole seems to use apps less than others.

Anyone who has dealt with a construction project – whether building a new house or an addition to your existing home – knows how complicated the process can initially seem to a non-professional.

One way mobile apps can help clear this up is by including essential info such as blueprints and contracts online, along with updates in real time to make sure both clients and contractors are on the same page.

  1. Health Care

The health care industry may not be the biggest user of mobile apps, but it plans to start changing that soon. A recent survey found that half of health care professionals plan to roll out apps for their practice in the next three to five years. By next year, more than 3.2 million patients are likely to benefit from various health care apps.

Some of the benefits of health care apps include improved communications between doctors and patients, better and more up-to-date patient monitoring and easy access to electronic health records.

  1. Education

This seems like a given, considering the propensity most students have for using their smartphones. According to one study, 52 percent of students say they check their phones before they even get out of bed.

On the most basic level, mobile apps for the education industry can help both students and teachers. Students could submit their assignments using the apps, and teachers could correct them almost instantly.

Mobile apps are also a good way to distribute classroom materials, holding every student accountable in the process. On the downside for students, the days of "my dog ate my homework" may be gone forever.

  1. Real Estate

This also seems like an obvious choice, particularly for anyone who has tried to buy or sell a home in recent years. A mobile app can help provide easy access to all kinds of valuable information, including the location of a property and detailed information about each home.

Real estate apps can also streamline communications between buyers, sellers and agents, while also reducing paperwork to make the whole process seamless.

Mobile apps are not a thing of the future – they’re the thing of right now. Just about every business and industry should think about getting on the bandwagon, if they haven't already, or risk falling behind competitors.

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Kayla Matthews writes about apps and smartphones for websites like MakeUseOf, The Gadget Flow, VentureBeat and Motherboard. Follow her on Productivity Bytes to read her latest posts!

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