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Reading Apps: Giving You Better Reading Choices

Ever since eBooks exploded onto the publishing industry, we’ve seen a bevy of reading apps compete with one another—which seems right. After all, not all reading apps can provide you with same level and quality of experience. That’s why it pays to pick the right one for your phone.

Variety of Reading Materials

Nook is a stellar choice for a reading app. Given how huge Barnes and Nobles is, using the Nook app gives you instant access to a whole lot of reading materials, from books to magazines, from newspapers and comics. Nook as a news reader app allows you to keep track of breaking news handily enough. So if you’ve been anxiously waiting for word on how fierce the storm will get later today or you’ve been following a celebrity news article to see when the revival of your favorite show will finally air, then this reading app easily provides you with the information you need. 

News Reading Numbers

According to the Pew Research Center, about 10 percent of Americans today already own a smartphone. Majority of those users rely on their smartphones to track the latest news. That and they share current events with their community as well as keep themselves updated about the news through social media. In particular, 68 percent of smartphone owners use their phones to tune into the news every once in a while 33 percent say they do this much more frequently. Given the numbers, don’t be surprised if you’ve got a strong a need to know about what’s happening locally or abroad. You’re not the only one tuned in. With the way smartphone users are growing, that number is expected to rise even more in the future.

Ease of Storage

A great mobile reading app provides you with cloud storage and as a result, a handy electronic library, according to Site Pro News. With these, you can look forward to a lot of benefits. These include:

  • More room. Since you’ve got yourself an electronic library, you won’t have to deal with piles of books. If your bookshelves are already overflowing, that might be one reason why your living space seems so crowded. Don’t box yourself in that way. You can eliminate that crowded feel and have more living space to enjoy by having an electronic library. And no, you don’t have to abandon your love affair with the printed word. However, you don’t have to buy every book you see in print. Now you can reserve that honor for your long-time favorite authors. For books you simply want to check out or spend an afternoon with, buying them in eBook format will do quite nicely.
  • Portability. With an electronic library, you won’t have to worry about carrying around those heavy tomes in your arms. All you need is your mobile device and you can read whatever book in your collection you’re in the mood for. Want to bring your entire collection on your South East Asian trip or maybe your much awaited backpacking trip throughout central Europe? Ten years ago, that would’ve been unheard of. Or you would’ve had to spend extra cash just to be able to afford travelling space for your books. These days, though, you can bring your entire collection anywhere—from the beach to the grocery, from school to the overnight at your best friend’s apartment—by doing nothing more than bringing along your smartphone. 
  • Safety. Ever had to live through the bad luck of losing a beloved book? Maybe you fell asleep on the train, woke up just in time to dash out through your exit and next thing you know, you’re watching the train leave with your precious, dog-eared copy of Archie comics (which, incidentally is getting a revival). You were inconsolable for days. Don’t let that misfortune befall you again. By storing your books in your electronic library, you won’t have to worry about losing access to the books, magazines and comics you love. What if you lose your mobile phone, leave it at home or suffer from a battery drain? No worries. Reading apps like Nook allow you to synchronize your mobile with your laptop and tablet. That way, you can access your library from whatever device you wish. So if you lose your device or suffer from a battery drain, it won’t have to cripple your reading experience one bit. Just switch to your other gadget, log in and within minutes you’re back to skimming the news or sinking into a new story.  


Another great thing about reading apps is that they allow you so much more control over your reading experience. According to eBook Friendly, you can resize the font to avoid straining your eyes over the tiny print. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight so it’s not blinding. You can even change the color of your background if you want—things you’d never be able to do with a normal book.

So before you settle on a reading app, make sure to check if you’re getting all these perks and more. If you aren’t, start looking for a new and better reading app for your smartphone.

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