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Invaluable Tips for Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing

What remains the biggest challenge for most marketers is to ensure discoverability for their apps. Among the millions of apps across mobile platforms getting focus and limelight from the users is becoming increasingly different. This is why Android and iPhone app development companies need to market their apps long before the actual launch.

Here are 10 invaluable tips for your pre-launch app marketing.

Beginning way before its launch date

All your marketing efforts should be ready and performing way before the date of launch. Ideally, it should start as soon as you begin working on your app. As for marketing budget, it should slowly peak up to the highest level at the moment of the app launch. When you start early you can easily engage potential customers and peers with your app.

Boost user engagement

How can you boost app engagement early on? Well, the tried and tested path is to shortlisting your first batch of potential customers when the app is still in the laboratory. The golden rule for garnering interest and engagement is simple. You need to produce as much user feedback as possible. The people offering positive feedback will become your app users sooner. As for garnering direct feedback from potential users, social media can play an important role.

Make email marketing your strength

While the importance of social media as part of digital marketing maneuvers will continue for the time to come, email marketing equally deserves a place to make your marketing efforts reach far and wide. How can you capture more and more email addresses to generate leads? Well, there are various ways to do it including landing pages, Twitter cards, etc. To address the larger audience email marketing can be a very powerful option. There are various email marketing tools you can choose from including MailChimp, SumoMe, Campaign Monitor, etc.

Embark heavily on blogging

What does a blog do for a marketer? It creates a long-term audience who wants to go deeper into your offerings. If you start publishing blogs on your app months before the app launch, it can build an audience who are more knowledgeable and engaged with various aspects of your app.

Blogging besides garnering interest around your app also helps to create a voice for the app brand. Secondly, with proper SEO maneuvers, it helps to spread the word by more search engine visibility and develops an audience who come to the website purely to get more enlightened and informed.

Know your target market and evaluate

Launching an app requires an in-depth knowledge of the market you are launching for. When you know your target audience and market, you can target your customers better by creating a buyer persona.

How can you develop a buyer persona? A few questions asked can help you come to a clear picture about your audience. First of all, ask who are the people who will use my app? What is the problem it is capable of solving and how can it help users in real life? With answers to these questions, you would have a clear idea of your audience and target market.

Have proper estimation of competitors

Just like any business you need to know and analyse the strength and weakness of competitor apps. Competitor analysis should be done at an early stage, before the launch of your app. Doing this can help you easily see your weak points that need to be addressed. Competitor analysis also helps in fine tuning your marketing efforts as per the standard of excellence that others follow. Your analysis should include both the direct competitors and the indirect ones.

Fetch users opinion

Your users are the most important people for your app. They represent the section of your audience who have shown genuine interest in your app and decided to stick to it. Naturally, they deserve the highest attention and priority. The question is do you make them feel important in the same way? If not, it is high time to change your approach to the users and see them in a new light.

Do you know, presently, social reviews and online opinions are the biggest influencers for buying decisions? So, your app users just through their opinions and casual word of mouth reviews can make a huge difference to your app marketing. This is why giving importance to user feedback and opinions is so important now.

Ensure a strong presence with a press kit

Finally, your app needs to ensure a strong media presence and you need to utilise media to spread the news about your app to the fullest extent. Create a press release tp let your users know each and every aspect of your app including release date, official website, benchmarks, and industry standards achieved, etc. Besides offering a press release you need to provide high-quality app store screenshots and an impressive promo video in the media launch of your app. All these things should be ready when releasing your app.

Engage influencer marketing

How can you produce media buzz around your app quickly? Well, besides all kinds of promotions and media campaigns it is the influencer marketing that can offer you impressive outcomes. Well known and industry acclaimed bloggers with a large following can quickly garner buzz around an app and sooner you can do it the better. Focus particularly on customer reviews to generates quick app downloads. An engaging social media presence communicating with the influencers and customers will help your app garner more attention and spread the word.

If you want to make a big name in your niche in the App Store, all these strategies are not enough but you need to ensure applying them early in your app marketing. A smart app marketer does these things in the right time with an alert mind rather than just allocating a fund for app marketing and thinking it will take care of itself. As an app publisher, you need to invest sufficient time in building a marketing strategy and following it to the execution.

Author Bio

Darshan Patel is a Lead SEO Analyst & Storyteller at Nimblechapps - The coolest game development company and web application development company. He believes in using a variety of strategy to create business’s online presence that delight and deliver.

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