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Apps World

How not to let your App disappear

By Rotem Dahan, Community Manager, BlogsRelease.

There are hundreds and thousands of startups in today's industries that are all looking to get recognition and exposure. You can get lost and disappear with the amount of noise being generated about businesses in your niche. Don’t fret, there are ways to shine through, if you take time and effort you can rise up on top.

After doing your research and focusing on a target group, one of the first things that is recommended to do is to create a buzz about your startup. If you've ever been involved in a start up you know that this isn’t the easiest of tasks; remember that the beginning doesn’t involved journalists and TV interviews, this is the last step. A growing and powerful opportunity lies in the blogging world.

Bloggers are top influencers in today's consumer society and are constantly searching for the latest and most exciting news in their interest areas. This is where your startup needs to sit up and start implementing strategies to get more exposure to bloggers.

The question is how?

Here are a few great ways to help your start up not disappear in the marketing arena:

BlogsRelease - #1 Industry News Board for Bloggers
Here you can feature your start up news, developments and invitations to bloggers to review your product. Upload a news item and choose the categories and demographics you want it to feature to, not only will you be highlighted on the Industry News Board, your content is also sent in targeted newsletter to blogger partners looking for inspiration.

Dont be afraid
Dont be afraid to try something different. Marketing is all about learning from your experience, and improving on previous campaigns. Remember one strategy may work for a specific audience, whereas for another it may not. Be open to new ways of working and you will be in the running for future success.

Remember the 90-9-1 Rule
Dont forget that a lot of hype can be generated outside of your analytical tools. The silent audience makes up a large percentage of the potential people speaking about your product. These are people who share information on a daily basis with their social circles, but not online. Yes people are still interacting! Engage with this audience through bloggers, who have thousands of followers that can really start creating a buzz for your startup.

Attend Events like Apps World
Events are your opportunity to network, learn and showcase your start up to thousands of interested professionals all over the world. However, don’t forget that many bloggers are now attending events worldwide and reporting on their experience. Find the bloggers in your event and give them the best demonstration of your business; personal touches will encourage bloggers to write about you.

Inspire Bloggers

These are a few great strategies to use when you are working hard at getting exposure for your start up. Bloggers are keen to get review requests of new apps, online tools, websites and physical products. Make the process of sharing content with your audience as creative and wide reaching as possible, and see that you don’t disappear into the void.

Has the blogosphere helped you in the past? It would be great to read your comments on previous or current experiences of blogger relations and your business.