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Ad mediation: Earn more money from same networks

Lets say you have done all the optimization in your app. Made it interesting, engaging and everything else. Now what ? Does this mean that there is a no way to improve your Ad revenue. Luckily, its not so.

If you have not done ( implemented ) Ad mediation, then chances are that you are losing quite some money. By tweaking you can easily increase your revenue by 20% ( minimum, depending on how bad you were initially ! ).

Read on to find out what is the fuss about Ad mediation, the tips and tricks of implementing a mediation and how it helps you earn from money from the same set of Ad networks.

Lets start by understanding how Ad mediation works ( or rather what is its purpose ).

Lets say there are three networks :

Network A : That gives eCPM of 3$
Network B : That gives eCPM of 5$
Network C : That gives eCPM of 1$

Lets assume you have integrated Network A in your app. And lets also assume you show 100,000 impressions a day. So by 3$ eCPM, you will roughly earn 3 x 100 = 300$ a day.

Now if the same traffic would have been given to Network B , you would have earned 5 x 100 = 500$ . Similarly for Network C you will end earning 1 x 100 = 100$ .

So we see here that it depends on what your Network is and how it is performing.

We can easily conclude that in such a case we will just give all our traffic to Network B . That is correct way to think, but there are some catches in this.

In comes the fill rate . Fill rate means out 100 times that you request for an Ad, how many times does your network actually results in an impression. So lets get some numbers for our example :

Network A : Fill rate = 70%
Network B : Fill rate = 20%
Network C : Fill rate = 95%

This means of 100 times that you will request for an impression from Network B , 80 times it will not have an Ad to show. Which means a complete revenue loss.

So what to do. I think you know the answer :

Give all the traffic requests to Network B , IF it fails give it to Network A , IF it also fails then send a request for an Ad to Network C .

Very important : You should cache your ads when requesting them. Check this article : 10 tips on app monetization

One more important aspect of Ad mediation : There are many ad mediation providers out there such Admob ( yes it does mediation too ! ) , inMobi , moPub etc. But you have to integrate and see how they perform to know which works best for you.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do leave comments. Would love to hear your views !

Mayank Sharma is the CTO of Unomer, a mobile in-app market research platform. He is a recognized expert in mobile technologies and is passionate about sharing his experience on topics like app monetization, user acquisition, retention, engagement and analytics. Mayank started his engineering career in the VLSI industry working for leading chip design companies. He then founded ServeSilicon Technologies and created over 75 successful mobile apps and games. Mayank completed his Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

If you have any specific queries Mayank can be reached at and check out

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