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An Exclusive interview with MobCo Founder Tomer Hen

This week Tomer Hen, Founder of MobCo Media, faces some quick questions about best practices in Mobile Advertising & what he's learnt from his years of experience.

What’s the key to driving engagement with mobile advertising?

From our experience, the key lies in combining three crucial elements: having a valuable product; employing engagement-driven advertising strategies, such as post-installation event tracking; and lastly, focusing on re-engagement processes to target the audiences most relevant for your app. 

Conversely, what are the main mistakes advertisers should avoid when using mobile?

Many advertisers try to manage all their marketing efforts in-house. This is often a mistake. Different fields of marketing each have their own unique, important characteristics. Web and mobile marketing, for example, for all their seeming similarity, are very different. Specifically, the mobile app market is a very competitive market, one that has little mercy or place for halfhearted attempts. This is why it is important to use experts and to employ companies who excel and specialize in mobile marketing.

Another common mistake is not analyzing enough data parameters, or worse - focusing on the wrong parameters in the first place. There is no excuse really, in this day and age, for not taking advantage of the vast data originating from users' app usage, and for not optimizing marketing efforts in real time accordingly.

Lastly, many marketers out there are focusing on the wrong thing. They are aiming for downloads, not users. There is a crucial difference between the two: while the former is focused on mere distribution, the latter is aimed at acquiring engaged users, maximizing LTV, and increasing retention.

How significantly do you think mobile developments in areas such as data analytics and push notifications will shape and affect the future of advertising in general?

I believe that we will see brands becoming (and they are already increasingly) more performance oriented, as the developments and easy availability of data analytics and performance measures will allow them to start looking beyond impressions. User acquisition costs will probably continue to go down, as the focus will shift from 'blind' acquisition to effective use of re-engagement processes. In addition, I believe we will see an increasing demand for data transparency in the mobile advertising industry. This, in turn, will bring about a 'natural selection' process of elimination and optimization among low-performing ad networks and publishers.

Are people taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities that apps already offer?

There's not really a defined potential border for app marketing. It is such a dynamic and unpredictable field that it makes the cliché of 'the sky is the limit' an understatement. Think of how people might have answered this question seven or eight years ago about the internet, a moment before FaceBook started skyrocketing. That being said, it seems to me that retailers are still not leveraging the potential enough. The secret sauce to great brand engagement and a proven data-driven marketing ROI is a dual marketing channel - driving in-store customers to use your app on the one hand, and driving your app users to purchase in-store on the other. 

What impact do you expect IoT to have on the mobile industry over the coming years?

I personally find the Internet of Things fascinating. I believe that as we increasingly see more solutions, developments and technologies, we will also start seeing marketers and media companies who will find ways to integrate advertisements on household items other than desktops and phones. Although I can't really elaborate on the topic at moment, I can tell you that we are already working on it.

What is the main advantage of attending Apps World?

As a global advertising agency for apps and brands, we find that meeting our London and European clients in person, and having a coffee together at our booth to discuss future plans has a great impact on our client relations, more so than in any other European conference until now.

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