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5 Ways to Help Your App Go Viral

As an app developer, you probably have a constant goal to build products people want, can’t stop talking about and recommend to all their friends. In other words, your main goal is to have viral apps. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to determining which things will catch on and which will flop, there are several things you can do to boost your chances of creating a genuinely in-demand app.

1. Pick Your Preferred Platform Wisely

In the early stages of app development, you may not have enough funding to release your product on both iOS and Android platforms. However, the results of a recent report indicate the platform you pick could make a difference in how people respond to the app.

In short, Android users have higher rates of engagement, while iOS customers are more likely to buy apps at a greater frequency. That’s why app developers tend to target the iOS platform first, even though Android holds a larger market share.

2. Simplify the Sharing Process

Analysts remark that one of the reasons the Candy Crush app went viral is because it rewarded people for sharing mentions of the app across social media. The easier it is to share something in relation to an app, the more likely it is users will oblige. Ideally, make it so people can share content about your app in two taps or less.

3. Recruit a Talented Team

Whether you’re working on your first app or have already finished dozens, you probably already know an app can’t go viral if it’s fueled by your skills alone. Even if you’re recognized as one of the most competent developers in the app-building world, it’s still crucial to surround yourself with a good support system.

For example, you might want to hire someone who excels at visual planning to evaluate the app’s layout and ensure it’s as intuitive as possible without unnecessarily confusing elements. Also, since going viral is the ultimate goal, it’s smart to seek out app testers and marketing experts.

The first group of individuals can highlight your app’s best features through first-hand experience, leaving the marketing personnel to figure out proven methods to spread the word about those identified benefits.

4. Let People Download the App for Free for a Limited Time

If there’s a sense of urgency surrounding your app, such as if people think they have to download it sometime this week or otherwise risk paying more for it once the price goes up, they’ll be more likely to act quickly. That’s why it’s a good idea to customize the description for your app and mention that people can download it for free until a particular date.

When it comes to setting a price after the free period has expired, keep a psychological concept called anchoring in mind. Anchoring occurs because people have certain implicit expectations about what things should cost. A person likely won’t gasp at the idea of buying a $200 tablet, but they may balk if the full-featured version of your app costs $5.99.

Identify the average cost for apps similar to yours. Then, for best results, make sure your app doesn’t cost more than those titles.

5. Encourage Users to Give Feedback

Happy users are usually very willing to share their experiences with apps. Sometimes though, when people get upset over poorly made apps, they flood those respective product descriptions with bad reviews. If people are generally satisfied by what your app offers, urge them to publicly share insights. A huge number of positive reviews could spark curiosity and make your target audience wonder what all the fuss is about.

Now you know making an app go viral isn’t necessarily a mysterious process, but it’s a carefully calculated one. Give your apps good chances of being sufficiently profitable and wildly popular by following the tips above.

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