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How Video Transcoding Will Make Life Easier

Video Budgets are Shifting from TV to Mobile

In today’s video landscape, video consumption on TV is still greater than on other devices. However, video watching habits are shifting. According to eMarketer, in 2015, 32% of the daily video watching time is spent on TV, while 22% is spent on smartphones. With the proliferation of mobile devices, these numbers are expected to change as more video content is consumed via mobile devices and tablets.

Advertisers are well aware of this shift, and more and more TV dollars are being re-allocated towards mobile campaigns.

At Inneractive, we want to offer our partners high quality video ad solutions, without the hassle.

INNERACTIVE Introduces Video Transcoding

Video transcoding is the technology that automatically transforms FLV video files (flash files) to mobile-compliant VAST format.

Flash is one of the most commonly used video formats today, but it does not play well on mobile devices. Our video transcoding feature enables non-mobile video formats to be played on mobile devices.

For advertisers, this means expanding TV and desktop reach into mobile without any additional work required.

For publishers, this means improved video fill rates as more desktop and TV ad partners are integrating to our mobile exchange, and demand is increased.

Mobile Video is Everywhere - But Technology is Still Key

We chatted with our GM of North America, WELBY CHEN, to get his take on mobile video and the changes in the market. Here's what he had to say.

"Mobile video will soon be just video. You hear this cliché that video is everywhere - and it's becoming more and more true. Today, the lines between TV, desktop and mobile video are slowly disappearing, because of the proliferation of mobile. Buyers are starting to recognize that the format (video) is more important than the medium. In a world that is all mobile, the shift of TV budgets to mobile is already in place and will only accelerate as more and more budgets are skipping desktop.

At Inneractive, technology has been always a strength. Technology will continue to be the key to success with mobile video in the future. The fact that we have been focused on mobile from the beginning and have definitely 'cut our teeth' with mobile video to get to where we are at the moment, is a great advantage. Especially when we look at the big desktop players hoping they could easily back into mobile with their existing technology. When they get into the mechanics of it, they realize it's a lot harder than they initially thought."

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