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5G News: What Consumers Want from 5G and Massive MIMO Trials

A round up of the latest news in 5G development, including the latest consumer research, Verizon's Massive MIMO trial and a partnership toward 5G connected vehicles.

What do consumers want from 5G?

Ericsson’s Towards a 5G consumer future report announced six key calls to action from consumers to operators developing 5G, based on a survey of 14,000 iPhone and Android smartphone users aged between 15 and 65.

The idea of 5G services appealed to 76% of these smartphone users and 44% are willing to pay more for it. Over 50% expect to be using 5G-enriched services within two years of the launch of the next-generation technology.

Over a third expect 5G to offer capabilities beyond speed, network coverage and lower prices: improvements such as better battery life and the ability to connect not only devices but also the Internet of Things. Consumers also predict an end to paying for gigabytes consumed and instead expect to pay a single fee for each 5G service or connected device.

Many of the other consumer calls don’t just look to the future of 5G, but at issues consumers face today and expect mobile operators to solve, including simplifying the process of buying a mobile data package and allowing consumers to trade in unused data for other services.

If consumers are prepared to pay for these new services, will that be enough to provide a business case for investment in 5G? We’ll be discussing “The 5G Business Case” in our upcoming 5G Series Digital Week. Sign up for the free webinar.

Verizon trials Massive MIMO

Verizon, Ericsson and Qualcomm claim to have completed the first successful trial of Massive MIMO (multiple-input / multiple-output) with a fully compatible customer device.

With the exponential demand for more data, it is becoming increasingly important to improve the capacity of networks. Using a large number of antennas within a Massive MIMO system, can greatly increase the capacity of a network without requiring additional spectrum. Massive MIMO is therefore likely to be a key technology component in the evolution towards 5G, with the potential to greatly improve network capacity and the customer's experience.

"We don't wait for the future, we build it. And this is another great example of moving the industry forward," says Nicola Palmer, Chief Network Engineer and Head of Wireless Networks, Verizon. "Massive MIMO is a critical component of our 4G LTE Advancements and will play an important role in 5G technology that will result in single digit latency and scalability in the billions of connections."

Learn more about how the use of massive MIMO antenna schemes will be used in 5G networks.

Qualcomm and Jaguar Land Rover bring 5G vehicles one step closer

Qualcomm Technologies and Jaguar Land Rover are working together to power highly advanced telematics, infotainment and other in-vehicle services to future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. They aim to provide “rich, immersive and seamless connected in-vehicle experiences.” As the automotive industry advances toward 5G, highly advanced connectivity solutions are needed to support road safety, mission critical applications, as well as advanced capabilities, such as autonomous vehicles.

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