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5G Live! Demo Zone - From Firewalls to Virtual Reality

The Demo Zone at 5G World 2017 is packed full of exciting trials and applications of 5G. We spoke to a couple of our demonstrators to find out a bit more about what they have on display. If you're interested in learning more, tomorrow (15th June) is our final day, so head down to the ExCeL London to experience these demos and more.

Intel's 5G enabled VR experience

5G VR Demo Photo from US

What are you showing us in the demo zone?

Intel is at the forefront of the network transformation that is necessary to make 5G a reality and allow service providers to offer the best user experiences to their customers.  The demo will showcase the many wonderful experiences that 5G and network transformation will bring to reality including smart cities, autonomous driving and virtual reality.  In addition, the demo will allow the user to step into a virtual world, learn how Intel is leading the industry toward a 5G future and enjoy a true VR experience via an interactive narration.

How will this impact network users in the UK?

Consumers in the UK can look forward to a bright future as 5G will change their daily lives which will become more connected and intelligent.  The promise of 5G will make the user experience more gratifying as we relish faster downloads for videos and games, connect with family, friends and work instantaneously and via new experiences.  In addition, once analytics become mainstream in the transformed network of 5G, our efficiency should increase which will allow us to spend more time with those functions in life that we cherish but currently do not find enough time to enjoy as much as we wish.

 What do you think are the key trends that will emerge from 5G World 2017?

As 5G continues to gain momentum and the standards continue to progress toward completion, we expect to see several familiar and new trends at the event in 2017.  The familiar trends we expect to see will focus on the connectivity aspects of 5G and what it will bring from a mobile perspective – more capacity and faster speeds on our handsets.  The new trends we expect to see are around the varying use cases that 5G will enhance or create such as virtual reality, IOT, and autonomous driving etc. while also focusing on the economics of 5G and how it will be monetized by the operators.

NetNumber's multi-protocol signaling firewall

demo graphics

What are you showing us in the demo zone?

The telecom industry is in a panic around security.  The threat landscape has become more sophisticated and now includes attacks on the SS7 network.  Concerns about the security risks of VoLTE and IMS networks are also growing, as operators seek solutions to ensure quality of service, prevent network failures, and block malicious attacks.  As the threats and vectors to gain network access are ever changing, any security system must be able to change swiftly and efficiently.

NetNumber will be demonstrating its multi-protocol signaling firewall as an essential asset of an operator’s overall security strategy, even more so with the advent of mobility and authentication tied to different types of roaming.   Watch live as an integrated signaling firewall protects against known and unknown threats and helps prevent fraud.

How will this impact network users in the UK?

With the deployment of the NetNumber multi-protocol signaling firewall by operators, networks will have a secure perimeter for roaming signaling.  Customers in the UK can expect to see improved quality of service and feel their connections are more secure.

What do you think are the key trends that will emerge from 5G World 2017?

There are a couple of topics that are top of mind for operators right now – security, of course, but also virtualization and the evolution of network usage towards more and more application2person communication and IoT.  Operators are also thinking about new infrastructure requirements to support private LTE networks, increased roaming, and the move to 5G.  I expect to see most of the trends represented at 5G World 2017 either in presentations or in demonstrations on the show floor.

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