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5G Set to Transform the Automotive Industry

There's a lot 5G technology could do within the automotive industry, but focusing on customer success is key says Alexandre Vargha, Project Leader - Connected Services at Volvo Group.

Alexandre Vargha

How will 5G transform the automotive industry?

5G innovation will provide the fast capacity of data transmission needed to enable us to provide better solutions in connected services and vehicle entertainment systems. These services have been developing quickly and exponentially and are still the main differential offered in the automotive industry at the moment. The transformation with 5G will be especially visible in large urban centers and this technology will provide us the conditions to be more integrated and enable automotive systems to grow in four data dimensions: volume, variety, velocity and improve the veracity and quality of information connected with customer focus.

What changes have you noticed in the industry as a result of connected innovation over the past couple of years?

The innovations and changes achieved in the last 10 years with connected services are great but we need to tie everything into customer needs. The number of sensors have increased inside vehicles and the use of control modules has grown with greater processing capacity performing multiple functions, which reduces the standard costs and vehicle uptime. The automotive industry is providing new services with data integration, IoT automation and automatic reports. Currently the information is customized according to the customer's´ needs with dashboards, alerts, reports and more solutions for customers and dealers. Technology is changing the game and customers are changing the rules demanding more intelligence in your business.

What are the challenges in developing the IoT in Latin America?

The most challenging aspect of development for the IoT in Latin America is providing solutions that fit goals and business needs and will yield greater ROI. Automated tracking objects, remote software updates and intelligent embedded systems are growing faster with the IoT. The customer's needs are more integrated with connected offers and solutions. Reliability, functionality and a long term business partner are needed and not just basic hardware and software systems but dynamic solutions. The autonomous systems require a high level of sensing and data traffic and they have been developing very fast in conjunction with 5G technology.

What are your predictions for the industry in Latin America as 5G approaches?

We expect a faster pace and new scenery in Latin America for the next 3 years with connected services. High tech telecoms will bring lower costs and and better system infrastructure as is demanded for Latin America. We have a diverse range of automotive data activities and demand for new services such as connected intelligence with an exclusive and dedicated approach for business reliability. The value of services is connected to innovations and 5G could impact many services by providing fast information.

Alexandre Vargha will be speaking in a panel on "How technology and customers are changing the automotive industry on the road to 5G" at 5G & LTE Latin America 2018, taking place in Rio de Janeiro on 24-26 April.

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